Sunday 7 July 2013

Yahoo acquired Xobni!

For a small fee, of 30 to 40 million, Yahoo bought Xobni, a software contact management and messaging, mobile and PC compatible. If Yahoo continues to close down some of its services, it also makes multiple acquisitions, large (1 billion for Tumblr), but also with smaller startups. So this week, after the acquisition of Qwiki in the field of mobile video, Yahoo formalized the acquisition of Xobni, a California company founded in 2006. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but according to AllThingsD, Yahoo would have paid between 30 and 40 million at least. This is less than the funds raised by the startup since its inception, the site adds. Xobni publishes plugins, free and paid, contact management and email, including Gmail and Outlook, as well as applications for mobile platforms including Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The effects of this acquisition are immediate. The editor says its software Smartr Contacts for Android and Xobni for BlackBerry is no longer downloadable. For existing users, they can continue to use applications until July 2, 2014. Tools Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for iPhone are available for download at the moment of time. The editor warns that the withdrawal could come later, even if the media will be preserved for another year. Xobni also announced the end of the marketing of its premium products (Xobni Pro, Enterprise Xobni, Xobni for Teams, the Xobni Gadget Salesforce and JIRA Xobni Gadget). Active licenses remain valid until July 2, 2014.

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