Sunday 21 July 2013

WhatsApp paid service for iPhone users

After half a year of silence, the developers of the successful messaging service report back with some new features. WhatsApp henceforth also asks the iPhone users annually to the checkout. In one of her rare blog entries, the makers of the popular Smartphone Messenger sent this time exclusively to owners of Apple's iPhone. Thus proclaims that this group of users from now pays 0.99 Euros a year. In the first 365 days, however, the use of the app is free. The makers promise a simplified payment model. The same conditions also apply to users of the Android version. For existing customers will remain the same. Have you already purchased the app for the iPhone, use them throughout their lives more for free. Thus, the conditions were created to continue to offer the ad-free service, the user had previously used. The WhatsApp team mentioned that in the long term would be to the communication service of the 21st century, with the new financial model, and this is now possible. To shock the user community not only with the message about higher costs without innovations, there is also a new version of WhatsApp. This offers the opportunity to save the chat history in iCloud. After reinstalling the app, the app retrieves your messages back from the cloud. Prerequisite: You must set up the storage of chat history on the Apple service once. In addition, access to WhatsApp has been improved for other developers. Third-party applications are so easy future access to the features of WhatsApp and can use them.

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