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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Add Text and Doodles to Photos through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
With the increasing number of people either getting fed up or starting to get annoyed with Facebook Messenger and this also being a separate app apart from the main Facebook app, the media giant is still focusing on adding features to this to recapture the hearts of their users. The latest update to the app which has now reached a 500 million mark will allow the users to have more fun with photos that they will be sharing with their friends.

Now it’s the time for the people to cheer up as their long wait of adding comments to the shared photos has become a reality in the messenger app. One should be able to add comments or even scribble on the photos before sharing it with your loved ones or even sent as a group message. So now no more depending on photo editor apps, you will be able to point to any details on a photo or even add caption and doodle to a particular picture, all this through your Facebook messenger.

How it works? 

So when you are in your app, you just need to tap on the photo tab and select the picture you want. After that before sending the picture, you should be able to click on the pencil icon to add text in the picture. The developers have given option of pen as well as “Aa” format for text. User will be able to select from a whole range of color and will be able to write with finger or stylus. On the negative side, this can be only done on the photos which have been saved on the phone and not on the “selfie cam”. This is one feature which is being considered impractical and lame as well.

If you are unable to see this feature on your app, one can get this through manual download. Facebook has stopped messaging from their main app and migrating the same as a different app; you will not be able to view and access this feature on your regular app.

Whether people consider this update practical or not, it is certainly a welcoming update for better expressing oneself through the android app. At the end the usage of this new feature completely depends on the user as well as whether they actually use Facebook Messenger to start with.

So this new feature can be considered as an incentive for getting people to download the messenger app and those who enjoy doodle. But is it a wise move as it has not been received with open arms by the app users. Even though the feature is currently available on the android app, the users of the app on the iOS sure will not have to wait for long time.

At the same time the social media giant is working on introducing counter video play which will help the users to find the videos they want to see. Through this the company will also be able to monitor how the videos are performing.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

WhatsApp paid service for iPhone users

After half a year of silence, the developers of the successful messaging service report back with some new features. WhatsApp henceforth also asks the iPhone users annually to the checkout. In one of her rare blog entries, the makers of the popular Smartphone Messenger sent this time exclusively to owners of Apple's iPhone. Thus proclaims that this group of users from now pays 0.99 Euros a year. In the first 365 days, however, the use of the app is free. The makers promise a simplified payment model. The same conditions also apply to users of the Android version. For existing customers will remain the same. Have you already purchased the app for the iPhone, use them throughout their lives more for free. Thus, the conditions were created to continue to offer the ad-free service, the user had previously used. The WhatsApp team mentioned that in the long term would be to the communication service of the 21st century, with the new financial model, and this is now possible. To shock the user community not only with the message about higher costs without innovations, there is also a new version of WhatsApp. This offers the opportunity to save the chat history in iCloud. After reinstalling the app, the app retrieves your messages back from the cloud. Prerequisite: You must set up the storage of chat history on the Apple service once. In addition, access to WhatsApp has been improved for other developers. Third-party applications are so easy future access to the features of WhatsApp and can use them.

Monday, 22 April 2013

WhatsApp Messenger app has 200 million users!

Some of you may have never heard about WhatsApp and is having a strong user base like Twitter. b According to the words of its creator, the mobile application WhatsApp is used by more than 200 000 000 active users per month and 8000000000 Incoming messages per day and 12,000,000,000 Outgoing messages every day.

WhatsApp is an application-Chat Messenger available on most mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian. Every Smartphone can use the app to communicate with another phone brand and different OS as the application uses the Data package phone.

It therefore saves SMS charges. The exchange of messages can be done in pairs or groups and can send text, photos, videos and audio. The startup was founded in 2009 has raised $ 8 million in funding and has 50 employees only. With numbers like that mentioned above, it's a safe bet that it will attract new investors without much difficulty. Especially since the company charges $ 0.99 per year to its users on iOS and soon on other platforms to avoid displaying advertisements.