Wednesday 3 July 2013

Behind Google Reader Closure!

RSS feed aggregator Google was born in 2005. The deadline has no arrived. As expected, Google is expected to close on Monday yet its popular RSS service called Google Reader. In a blog post last April, Google explained in full about the reason behind it in detail. Despite criticism of social networks and petitions, Google has not folded, similar as at the time of the closure of Wave. Users will turn to alternatives that have magically multiplied lately. So officially, Google talks about loss of audience to justify its decision. Some argue instead that Google closes once more a service he cannot monetize, to focus on some other service for monetizing. According to All Things D, this is another reason for the closure. The dedicated team Reader does not even had a full-time engineer or product manager. To align Google Reader on other services in terms of respect of privacy, it would have had to spend a lot of money to set up an ad hoc structure. What Google does not want to do, according to an anonymous source quoted by All Things D. This does not stop at any cost to apply its new policy aims to prevent some scandals like those seen recently - among other things, the collection of data by Google Cars via Wi-Fi networks. Google Reader seems quite far from this type of problem, but its integration with other services that require compliance policy issues of privacy being applied to it. Which today leaves many people without Google Reader; All Things D raised so many questions about how many users it would take for the investment to be considered interesting? But Google's idea was to focus on Google+ as soon as possible and this plan was announced at the end of 2011.

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