Wednesday 10 July 2013

Facebook Graph Search, A Social search is started!

The new search "Graph-Search" conjures very personal search results. Now the feature has left the beta stage and is available for the first members who use Facebook in English available. This the time to check your privacy settings to avail this. The last major visible change was the switch from Facebook to the Facebook Chronicle. Then the focus was probably on it to make money to keep the shareholders in a good mood: The Top rated ads, services and recommended links and more commercial. Recently Facebook has bought, built, or copied mainly existing services. Truly no innovative features for users and there was hardly the last big Facebook event was years ago. Under the name "Graph-Search" stated Mark Zuckerberg before the new Facebook search. Facebook scours only to its own database, for personal results. Privacy is maintained as before: Only data that are public or were shared with the user can be used. Entering a search should work intuitively, "Which of my friend lives in Hamburg?", "What TV shows or music liked by my friends?" Or combinations thereof are possible. After Mark Zuckerberg had presented the Graph-Search in January, users were able to register on a waiting list to try out the new feature. Shortly thereafter, several users reported that they had been approved in the beta phase and could use the new search. Then there was silence for graph search. Six months later, the beta seems to be complete. Facebook reports that social search is now faster, smarter and simpler to use. It said the feature will soon be for all Facebook members who have made the website language to "English (U.S.)", to be accessible. The search would be updated automatically.

When exactly is the social graph also available? It is unclear. Users in here received on 9 July 2013 an indication of the introduction of the new search: "Tip: Search on the social graph is now introduced. It facilitates users to search for photos and other things that you have shared with them. To check who can see your content, just click on the Privacy icon. "Facebook so also warns its users, once again to set their privacy settings and check who can see what shared content. In the comment section of The Verge cavorted during the beta phase, several Facebook users who claim to have access to graph search. One user commented that the search is very useful and thanks to Facebook, he had already found a friend for a snowboarding trip and a replacement for a football game. Other users rated the function as "creepy": It is a very good way to spy on his friends.

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