Saturday 13 July 2013

Sony launches new Walkman MP3 players!

You would think that MP3 players may be out of fashion at a time when almost everyone has a Smartphone, their day but they are still made. So now Sony comes with the new Sony Walkman E585, E384 and E383. Sony offers 'Clear Audio' technologies by which Sony ensure a rich sound full of details, with powerful bass, crystal clear highs and less 'leakage' between stereo channels. They are also equipped with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), which - according to Sony - the subtle restores high frequencies that are lost when highly compressed digital music files to be listened to. In addition, there is also Sony's Virtual Phones Technology (VPT), to make it sound like you're in a studio; club or stadium is the sound. The E585 has a battery on a single charge lasts up to 77 hours. This Walkman comes with earphones and provides powerful digital noise reduction which reduces ambient noise up to 98 percent. For the first time the Walkman E series can play FLAC files. The E384 and E383 have to do it with a battery that lasts 30 hours. All three models can also play video in addition to music and you can view photos, and they are equipped with an FM radio too. The Sony NWZ-E585 (16GB) will cost 140 Euros and has black aluminum housing. The Sony NWZ-E383 (4GB) and Sony NWZ-E384 (8GB), available in black, blue and red, get a price of 75 and 90 Euros respectively. All three models are available in stores from August.

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