Wednesday 19 June 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Available For Rent

As expected, Adobe sells from today the Creative Cloud successor to the Creative Suite offering. This new version abandons the boxed software or paid download in favor of new versions only available with a monthly subscription. As the editor explains on his blog, these new versions are also an opportunity to integrate hundreds of news. Adobe makes several advantages to the cloud which is now mandatory, including storing documents online (20 GB basic 100GB for trade services). To manage the synchronization of data and organize files, a new application appeared on your computer. With Creative Cloud, you can also synchronize the preferences of its software between computers, including Mac vs. your PC. The editor states that this software will evolve: term, Creative Cloud app should be real service synchronization with versioning to go back, but also the ability to share a folder with just a few users. These can comment shared and comments appear in the software elements. An iOS app is also provided to access files from a mobile device. Adobe has added other services to enrich its offering in the cloud. Integration with Behance a social sharing site which is dedicated to sharing creations and bought by the publisher last year is also made. We can send the work directly from the software that make up the suite in the cloud, with the advantage of automatically update the document when you edit on your computer. This service also allows you to quickly create an accessible like any portfolio site.

If you need training, Creative Cloud subscription provides access to hundreds of tutorials. The publisher announced that two hundred new features have been added to the database. Adobe also offers future full access to 700 Type kit fonts, you can see in this video integration service from Photoshop. Each software suite has been updated each time with dozens of new features, large and small. Not everything mentioned here, but Adobe has updated the various pages of the website with the novelties presented often with videos. Photoshop CC example, there dozens of new features including a new filter sharpness, ability to edit vector shapes (rounded rectangles in particular), the selection of multiple vector shapes or a dedicated tool to reduce tremors of a camera. For more information, please refer to this article which referred in detail these developments. Many new programs Illustrator CC with, among others, a more advanced text editing tool which manages each letter independently search module fonts and synchronization of fonts from Typekit, import multiple files at once and export CSS or color synchronization with iPhone application. Integrated into the Adobe cloud the Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition adds features to InDesign to create DC iPad applications.

The editor says that it is not necessary to type a single line of code to obtain a ready application to use. About this software, the publisher also mentions increased performance through the transition to 64-bit, a modernized and more consistent interface, management Retina screens, looking for fonts and the ability to select as favorites or creating QR codes. In another area, Premiere Pro CC improves too. Editing your video is more accurate with a revised timeline, the software makes it easier to find the original source files that make up your installation, you can control the audio more precisely, you can use the Apple ProRes and the engine has been revised with the OpenCL and CUDA to accelerate treatment management. If you create websites, Dreamweaver CC incorporates some new features, including an improved CSS editor to quickly create gradients or shadows, the ability to create websites responsive (automatically adapted to every screen size) faster or the integration of jQuery UI widgets or management CSS3 transitions.

For smaller needs, Muse DC also changing; Creative integration of cloud services including Behance, adding a parallax effect very fashionable to scroll (below) or the ability to change the site from the browser and sending the changes to the software. The Creative Cloud is only available with a monthly subscription; you cannot buy it once and use it for life. The editor has been simplified to maximize its fee schedule, even if Adobe should consider special cases, including businesses. This subscription does not mean that you need a permanent internet access. In fact, it will always download locally the software you want to use, Adobe says you can disconnect once it's done. The only constraint is a connection about month to verify that you can still use the Creative Cloud. If your subscription is no longer valid, the software will not work from that time. In return, you have free access to all the news while you remain subscribed.

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