Tuesday 18 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy NX A New Android Camera

Camera is the successor of the Galaxy NX. The device is unwitnessed and works with interchangeable lenses, Samsung front of the camera in London? Samsung Galaxy NX published pictures of the Android camera. Although Samsung has the Galaxy NX Android camera not yet officially launched, is already a lot known about them. The Vietnamese side tinhte.vn published press images of the device. They show that the camera is unwitnessed and works with interchangeable lenses. On the back is a touch screen on which the operating system Android "Jelly Bean" running. Rumor is in the camera Exynos quad-core processor, two gigabytes of memory and optionally eight or 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The APS-C sensor with 20.3 megapixels to dissolve - video adopts the Galaxy NX on in full HD. Experts believe that Samsung's Galaxy NX will be present on 20 June 2013 in London. The price is still unknown, but more than 1,000 Euros are likely.

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