Thursday 20 June 2013

New feature on Facebook: Photo comments

Facebook gets a new feature; photo comments. Yes users can use Photos instead of text in their comments. Users can now insert images when they post a comment. Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words says hence Facebook added a new feature Photo comments. Facebook employee Bob Baldwin has made the new function public. Under his communication the users are allowed to insert photo comments as test Even though the photo comments do not work for all Facebook users right now and it will be done so gradually but the feature should be available everywhere. To attach a comment or a photo image, click on the User camera icon that appears on the right side of the comment box. From there you can drive and upload the desired image. Ashwin Bharambe, also a Facebook employee says in the thread that Chrome users can also insert images by copy and paste in the comment. Of course the text can be added as usual.

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