Friday 28 June 2013

Firefox 23 Beta Version Released!

Now that Firefox 22 is released, the version 23 is approaching. It is an opportunity for Mozilla to finally launch its Social API extensions that allow much more direct social action. In addition to other improvements, Firefox 23 will also be provided with a new icon to better reflect the current graphic trends. Firefox 23 is available in beta since last night. After a major release 22 for performance and WebRTC enabled by default, the browser acquires some cosmetic changes. Firefox 23 will have the opportunity to change the browser icon to replace the one that has existed since 2009. It remains on the red panda coating the planet, but the development is focused on simplification, loss of the glossy effect and work to improve the accuracy of the logo on small mobile screens. Those wishing to learn more about this logo can consult the ticket which is devoted to the Mozilla blog. The browser also includes more substantial contributions. Windows, and from Vista, DXVA2 is finally supported, enabling hardware acceleration of H.264 video. Security side, Firefox acquires a lock mixed content (secure and unsecure) to prevent attacks "man-in-the-middle". In addition, the tab "about: memory" gets a functional interface while users can now change the search throughout the software. For developers, several new features are reported. A new network monitor is making its appearance, but it is mainly the function of social sharing that should interest the extension writers. The latter can thus act directly on the content of a web page. For example, a Facebook extension will share an image displayed on a website. It is also noted with a smile that Firefox 23 is longer supports the Blink element, a fun decision when we know that it is precisely the name of the rendering engine of Chrome.

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