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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Firefox 23 is available now!

Firefox 23 is available for download. The new version of the browser brings a redesigned logo which is something safe and supports the setup menu. The three options "always load images", "remove JavaScript" and "Always show tab bar" have been removed. Since the first two values by default are active, it is no longer possible to turn off the automatic loading of images and JavaScript directly. The change is justified by the fact that websites - and to satisfy many users; therefore the browser would look broken without images and JavaScript. To disable JavaScript, however, enter into the URL bar of Firefox "about: config", search for "javascript.enabled" and set the value by double clicking on "false". The sharing of content is simplified with Firefox 23: Instead of having to search each website for a Share button, you do it immediately through the Firefox Share button. Facebook has helped in the development of the social API and is the first social network where you can share links via the new button. Since the API is freely available, the usage is expected to increase more in near future. A small change takes Firefox 23 in terms of safety. The loading of "mixed-content content" is automatically blocked and difficult to man-in-the-middle attacks in which an attacker can read your traffic to a Web service. Videos can be played on websites significantly better performance in Firefox 23: clips in H.264 format to be accelerated by the graphics card by default. This is done via the Firefox DirectX Video Acceleration 2 (DXVA2) - and thus only on Windows 7 and 8 Last changes Firefox 23 also own Logo: Three years after the introduction of the last icons icon appears simpler than ever on taskbar and desktop.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Firefox 23 Beta Version Released!

Now that Firefox 22 is released, the version 23 is approaching. It is an opportunity for Mozilla to finally launch its Social API extensions that allow much more direct social action. In addition to other improvements, Firefox 23 will also be provided with a new icon to better reflect the current graphic trends. Firefox 23 is available in beta since last night. After a major release 22 for performance and WebRTC enabled by default, the browser acquires some cosmetic changes. Firefox 23 will have the opportunity to change the browser icon to replace the one that has existed since 2009. It remains on the red panda coating the planet, but the development is focused on simplification, loss of the glossy effect and work to improve the accuracy of the logo on small mobile screens. Those wishing to learn more about this logo can consult the ticket which is devoted to the Mozilla blog. The browser also includes more substantial contributions. Windows, and from Vista, DXVA2 is finally supported, enabling hardware acceleration of H.264 video. Security side, Firefox acquires a lock mixed content (secure and unsecure) to prevent attacks "man-in-the-middle". In addition, the tab "about: memory" gets a functional interface while users can now change the search throughout the software. For developers, several new features are reported. A new network monitor is making its appearance, but it is mainly the function of social sharing that should interest the extension writers. The latter can thus act directly on the content of a web page. For example, a Facebook extension will share an image displayed on a website. It is also noted with a smile that Firefox 23 is longer supports the Blink element, a fun decision when we know that it is precisely the name of the rendering engine of Chrome.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Epic Citadel in Firefox now!

HTML5 demo of Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine for web browsers is now available online. Firefox is the one who benefits first. Mozilla had shown at the end of March, with the desire to demonstrate that sophisticated games in their report had now a highway in front of them on the web. To operate in the best conditions, it is advisable to download Firefox Nightly (the future version 23). From there, no need to install any plug-in, simply go to this address to start demo Epic Citadel. Once a 50MB file recovered in the background, the demo is functional and the image can go full screen. This should also work with Firefox 20, but more slowly. We find the same medieval world in which you can walk, used in October 2010. Epic Games had caused a sensation by showing the Unreal Engine 3 running on a small iPhone. This same engine used later for Infinity Blade. Epic Games has over time focused on Android and Flash. This optimized for the web demo Epic Citadel is the result of a recompilation of C / C + + code in JavaScript. It uses WebGL for 3D part and web technologies in general. This means that potentially any modern browser can run such games. For the moment it is mainly the current beta of Firefox and who can benefit, with the exception of Firefox on Android where things still progressing versions. Chrome should follow, Internet Explorer does not yet support WebGL in version 10 so far, but it seems that Microsoft prepares for 11 and compatibility with Safari is also planned.