Wednesday 19 June 2013

Playstation 4 Available From November 21st

The anticipation of the Playstation 4 has increased with the E3 presentation this past week with many gamers immeasurably. But how long do you have to wait for the console yet? If you believe a British newspaper, the Playstation 4 will appear on 21 November 2013. That at least is evident from an advertisement. Whether it is a confirmed date or just a shot in the dark, however, remains unclear for the time being. It would fit: On 29 November starting at least in the U.S., Black Friday, the traditional Christmas shopping and therefore the most profitable time of the year. What is an E3-opener. First, Microsoft opened the show with an impressive game show. Then Sony surprised the gaming world - and arguably the competition - with the Playstation 4 announcements. The console comes in 2013 for 399 Euros in the trade and is therefore 100 Euros cheaper than the Xbox one. Sony leaves in everything the same stuff used commercially. Players can lend or sell without having to accept any additional fees continue their games. And the Playstation 4 does not require online connection. No question, Sony has listened to the players in recent months. Furthermore, Sony has mentioned prices of some peripherals. Thus, you pay for a DualShock controller 4 59 Euros, the Playstation camera's for 49 Euros.

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