Saturday 11 October 2014

RE- a New Type of Camera from HTC

RE-Camera from HTC
It is not surprising if HTC is to be considered as a camera company. After the successful launching of One M8 and then Desire 816 phones that are regarded by many users as the most excellent Smartphone cameras, this company has now declared a small sized handheld camera named as the RE that contains a 16MP CMOS sensor as well as a latest HTC Desire EYE Smartphone with about 13MP front and back cameras.

The RE is, in fact, new product type for HTC with a little camera looking like smoking pipe. It has the capability to capture Full HD videos (1080p) with somewhat slow motion. This camera will possess146 degree of wide-angle lens and can be compared with the GoPro Hero 4 that has recently gain popularity in the market. The camera has also a distant viewfinder app in order thatthe user can manage it from a smart mechanism.

The design of the whole device-

The RE- a small, light weight device, has the size of 96.7 x 26.5mm and the weight of 65.5 grams. It makes it easy to firmly manage it one-handed. It is so small that the user can put it within his pocket or wallet and can take photographs or video footage at any moment whenever he wishes. Practically, the camera will be completely perfect for many types of situations. It takes images of 16MP, video of 1080p/30fps, and also time-lapse recording etc.

There are just two buttons on the device. There is one shutter button on the outer part that you press one time to take a photo and long-press for some seconds to record videotape, and the slow-motion capture toggle, which you have to press to activate before beginning the video. In case of power button it should be mentioned that HTC desires the camera to be always-on, and therefore, always prepared and waiting for you to utilize it. Sensors implanted inside the RE can inform when you grip it, so theoretically it should not take pictures while it is buried bottomless inside your pants.

You will also get a mic on top, in addition to an LED pointer and speaker under the slow-mo button. The microSD slot is placed on the bottom beneath a watertight label; the RE has an 8GB card that is preinstalled; however,you can replace it with any card with maximum 128GB. There is moreover a micro-USB charging and a quarter inch support built for a wide range of accessories.In the matter of connections, this product- RE utilizes Bluetooth LE to originally pair with your headset, but the remaining part of the process is assisted by Wi-Fi Direct -- transporting files, the distant shutter and the whole thing.

Facilities for launching the camera-

HTC selects RE for a number of motives: Primarily, through this Camera and other products, the company desires to dissociate the device so it is not linked with HTC phones, particularly since the app will be cross-platform.This company also thinks that the RE name is related with a few of the camera's qualities.

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