Monday 6 October 2014

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 to Emphasize On Improvements

Windows 10
On September 30, Microsoft announced their latest operating system “Windows 10”, after they received negative feedbacks from their previous version Windows 8. They have completely skipped in the next version after 8 to unite the thinking of people on phone, tablets and traditional desktop PCs. This new version aims at capturing the profitable business market, which was basically missed by the previous version.

According to Microsoft's head of operating systems, Terry Myerson, this new version will be their greatest enterprise platform. As much as the traditional PC users dislike the previous version, only 20% of the organization migrated to the windows 8 for operation and management. Most of the dislike was attributed to the loss of the traditional start menu.

According to Terry, the new operating system was secretly named as “Threshold” based on the leap the company was taking. This is a new system aimed at uniting the computer with mobile devices. He stated that the new operating system will be able to adapt to the customer’s device they are using, like tablet, Xbox, tablets to even more small gadgets.

With the increase in the number of options in the market in the form of Android devices from Google, iPhone and iPads from Apple, the company has a huge struggle if they want to reignite the excitement in people of their new OS. People are no longer depending on windows operating system anymore.

As per the reports published by Gartner, a research firm, currently windows is running on only 14% of the devices. This is a huge change when compared to the monopoly they used to enjoy 10 years ago. The news of the new version, created a mixed response in the market and the company saw a 8 cents decrease in the share value on Nasdaq.

During the demonstration, the windows version indicated usage in two modes. One mode is for touch-controlled tablets and the other one for PCs still using a mouse and keyboard. The users of the new OS will be able to switch between these two.

Although an accurate release data has not been mentioned during the initial announcement and demonstration, insiders are indicating that the company is aiming for a release during spring 2015. Microsoft has provided a downloadable technical preview of the new operating system, which a user will be able to download and give feedback to the company as well.

According to Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans, the company wanted to relay the message that they don’t need to abandon their learning over the past 15 years as they can present what is about the future without much confusion.

According to Terry, the company and their team were playing around with different names for this version, they initially thought of calling it as “Windows One”, which will indicate the merger of all their operating systems and products but since the name was already used, they had to agree on Windows 10. This new version will be focusing on advances and improvements hence skip Windows 9 operating system completely.

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