Tuesday 28 October 2014

Air Umbrella

Air Umbrella

Air Umbrella 1
The Air Umbrella – Adjustable to the Power of Storm

The Air Umbrella is the product that has been developed in China which does not use fabric to keep a person dry, but forced air and has been designed by Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon in order to change not only the umbrella’s core design but also to make it adjustable to the power of a storm. The forced air can create a canopy over an individual in the same manner of a traditional fabric designed umbrella, which keep the showers of rain from falling on the person and when the rain subsides or the person has reached the desired location, all that is needed is to put the device in the bag since it is in dry form.

The appearance of the Air Umbrella is a rather big flashlight which consists of a motor and fan which forces the air up thus creating a shield. There is a chargeable battery in the shaft of the umbrella and the base is equipped with a button which can turn the Air Umbrella in `off’ or a `on’ mode and the size of the canopy can be adjusted which can be to anything up to over a meter in diameter or adequate to keep two people dry during the rains.

Device Tested – Remarkable Performance 

This Smart device has been tested at the time of heavy rainfall and according to the people who designed it, has shown remarkable performance.

The concept of the Air Umbrella is that it removes the plastic top from the umbrella replacing it with a wind shield which sucks the air through the bottom and then shoots out at the top in a pattern like a standard canopy.

The power and the canopy size controls are towards the bottom of the shaft which provides the person with the ability to strengthen the force of the air, thereby giving scope to widen the canopy to adjust according to the rainfall.

This would enable the person with protection against storms which a normal umbrella may lack though the air curtain stands a better option to face strong winds than a standard fabric umbrella. The absence of the canopy also saves in shaking off the water before going indoors.

Three Models to be Developed – Launch September 2015

The downside being that it has a motor and the Air Umbrella tends to make some noise though the same is not noticed with the sound of the rain and the air that is pushed by the Air Umbrella pushes the raindrops up to a distance of 70 centimetres away.

Should the rain tend to be come diagonally, all one needs to do is to change the way one holds the Air Umbrella. The cheapest Air Umbrella is offered at a price of $118 though they are being sold at a very fast speed.

There have been three models that will be developed, one being of 30 cm running for 15 minutes on a charge, another of 50 cm running for 30 minutes per charge and the 80 cm version too running for 30 minutes per charge. Presently the battery life is short but the company of Air Umbrella are striving to extend this together with the design within the next ten months and production would probably start somewhere in September 2015.

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