Thursday 2 October 2014

Top 5 features of iPhone 6: Is it worth it?

iPhone 6
Pre-launch of iPhone6 was very thought, as the market has sparked discussions among consumers about the amazing features that Apple has for their next generation iPhone. As part of discussion rumors features Apple has a mix package of new, old and ideas depending on the existing generation of iPhones.

i.New iPhone6 on Solar batteries: 

An interesting change, considering consumers comfort the pre-launch rumor includes solar power for iPhone 6 which could be charged all through the day. With Solar charging kit already existing in the market, the original rumored idea is a front sapphire display glass in-order to have a solar collector. All Apple needs to do is get their technical and designing team to compact the technology in-order to be set into the body of iPhone.

ii.iPhone with Holographic projections: 

The new concept of holographic in iPhone 6 could immensely change everything - crave.
To the disappointment of all the Apple fans the holographic projection was not a part of the feature of the iPhone 6. Though this rumored feature or the holographic display could have hyped up the sale and market for the next generation iPhone, the known fact about Apple is that they are never the first to venture into this until some other company tries it out. For iPhone lovers, this may not be a true feature, and Apple could involve or enhance these features of products like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 too.

iii.Camera Features - 10MP & Lens functionality: 
Though per ValueWalk there was a rumour that the iPhone 6 will be featured with a swappable lenses, the fact is that the iPhone has always made changes and upgrades to the camera software rather than the lens or the Megapixel. In comparison to Samsung Galaxy in particular S5 series where the rear camera itself is 16MP, the iPhone has always kept to 8MP starting from iPhone 4S right to iPhone 6 Plus. A swappable lens flexibility or functionality would surely be an added attraction for the Apple fans.

iv.Bendgate combat - A Flexible frame for iPhone 6 can be a bonanza: 
Apple went through a lot with the "Bendgate" scandal which started when a user n the MacRumors forum indicated that after 18 hours in his pocket he found his iPhone 6 bent over. The reason for this bend over is still to be tested if it’s a user or manufacturing issue. All Apple stores were instructed to replace any defected unit in this respect. Now with this said, if Apple can use flexible sapphire glass and a bendable body just like LG-G flex, this will be a bonanza for both consumers and sales.

v.Water resistance technology: 
Despite of the fact that competitor smartphones use IP67 waterproofing technology, Apple has still not implemented this technology in the next generation iPhone. Apple can really gear up the competition if they are able to crack through a technology as waterproofing IP68-rated smartphones, which would be more advanced than the current IP67 to boost both their markets and their consumer expectation.

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