Sunday 5 October 2014

Updated Version of Chrome and Skype Apps

Skype Apps
After Twitter as well as Instapaper, Microsoft has launched the updates of Skype while Google has also done the same in case of Chrome apps for the latest iOS 8 operating system. The apps now consist of a lot of interesting features.

Updated Google Chrome-

Many iPhone users and iPad customers are inclined to use Google Chrome for their internet browsing requirements prior to Apple's own ideal and striking Safari app. Chrome is not only fast, clean, and spontaneous, but also syncs flawlessly with the even more accepted desktop version.

With the launching of iOS-8 operating system, Apple's Safari achieved the ability of being competent to share links to the third party applications.

Google has put in the same facility to Chrome. Now, while a user goes into the Share feature in the major Chrome menu, he will be presented with the similar sharing alternatives as can be found in the system of iOS 8. In addition the default Message, email, and Facebook options, he can press the ‘more’ button and insert third party apps such as Facebook or Pinterest and many more.

As soon as it is activated, the user will be capable to send web stories directly to these well-suited apps for reading it or sharing it, or whatever the selected app does with these things.

It is not fairly the numerous and ultra-functional extensions available on the web version of the Chrome, and obviously the Android version of Google Chrome has presented such a characteristic now. Still, it is an admired offering given that now holds up third-party app extensions for posting as well as sharing content to some other websites.

For example, the iOS 8 users at present can send a website page in their read-later facility of Pocket through the Chrome browser, and are able to share these on LinkedIn. The latest edition of Google Chrome can be downloaded for free of cost from the iOS App Store.

Updated Skype App-

The Skype app has also been updated for iPhone or the iPod with support for the system of iOS 8. But, unfortunately, it does not take in the support in case of iPhone 6 as well as 6 Plus screen sizes. The recent version of Skype i.e. v5.5 also makes use of interactive notification method of iOS 8 and allows users to reply or decline voice or even video calls or get text conversations straight from the lock screen and notice centre.

There are also the options to reply in words for the missed calls. Users can use the stated options by swiping to the left side from the lock screen or the pull down notifications section.

Skype in case of iPhone makes wide-ranging utilization of iOS 8's latest interactive notifications, permitting customers to relate with the communications service at each turn. Banner notifications may be pulled down to react to multimedia calls as well as text messages.

Skype for the iPhone version 5.5 is obtainable now as a free of charge, 46.7-megabyte download from the Application Store.

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