Sunday 12 October 2014

Sony's Google Glass Rival Expected To Be Available For Purchase by the End of March 2015

Sony's SmartEyeglass

Although there has been an increase in the market space of the smart watches and as its still continuing to grow, at present none of the companies apart from Google and Oculus have taken the risk of entering the head-worn technology market. At last, now we have Apple, who is venturing into this space of wearable game. With the new approach from one of the market giants in smartphones and tablets, we can expect many other companies entering this technology category in the near future.

As Apple has already invested in the smart watches, so Sony is now looking forward to invest in the wearable technology to gain competitive advantage. The company in the process of releasing the initial software development kit for the wearable technology, and hoping to get the hardware kit available for the developers. This kit will be available for purchase by the end of March 2015. This new device is a pair of glass with an included 8-bit monochrome screen which provides the information pertaining to lenses, notification options, directions and other additional Glass-like information’s to the wearer. The company had proudly flaunted the device at the CES 2014.

New device expected to be a head turner:

Sony has developed the device considering in the mind that it should be compatible with mobile phones running on Android 4.1 or higher. The new device which has been named as SmartEyeglass, is completely packed with gyroscope, includes sensors, an accelerometer, a 3MP camera and ambient light sensor.

But in order to use the camera on the device they will need Android 4.3. Whether for better or worse, this new device might be enough or not enough to get Sony out of their financial difficulty. A handheld packet comes along with the Smart EyeGlass which includes battery, microphone for voice recognition and buttons that will be used for navigation purpose.

In comparison to Google’s device, Sony’d device uses a special overlay around the lenses, which delivers the whole thing from directions to smartphone notifications. However, there is one major problem. One will need to carry an additional battery which needs to wired to the wearable glasses. Although this is a double surprise in terms of touch sensor and microphone, but at the end Sony's SmartEyeglass can become one awkward kit to carry around. The software development kit of this device contains emulator, sample codes, tutorials for the developers to start with, in detail guide, design guidelines, API references, publishing guidelines and testing instructions.

Officially called SmartEyeglass, the new device from Sony might not make any fashion statement, but will surely win all the points in terms of the ‘holographic’ display technology. According to Sony this new technology will not cause any distraction to the users from various texts and images as it will be easy viewable irrespective of the environment.

Even though there is no information available regarding the price of the Sony's SmartEyeglass but when the Google glass has been priced around £1,000, one should be expected to pay a fortune for the Sony device as well.

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