Thursday 23 October 2014

A New Tool for Skype users- Translates Different Languages

Microsoft has revealed a latest Skype tool that permits voice chats to be translated into another language or words in near real-time. This real-time translation tool for Skype helps the users to carry out cross-lingual communications over the internet phone facility. There have been a lot of attempts over some years, through the Microsoft Research, to display such features of translating human communication. However, delivery of anything that is practical in real life, to suit the voice and words of many types of users and the tones of various languages has been regarded a nearly impossible job.

Researches to make such translator-

Microsoft Research has basically been concentrated on machine translation for over 10 years. Primary outcomes came with conversions for the product friendly Knowledge Base of Microsoft. The system became accessible for public use like the technology behind Bing Translator, prompting the tool’s development and status since its release. Nowadays, Bing Translator is utilized by many people and accepted by organizations globally.

If the translation method is centered on written content, it may work very weakly with spoken language. In case of Skype Translator research has been made on the neural networks that apply senones, that is, little pronunciation parts and these are the major component in speech decoding. In the opinion of Microsoft, it develops the exactness of speech-recognition nearly by sixteen percent, and hence enhances translations.

The company has stated that the technology starts a new system for speech detection and real-time speech translation, and gives a sight into a future generation language will no longer have to be a obstacle.

Skype Translator primarily will be obtainable as a Windows 8 beta application before the ending part of 2014. However, it is yet undecided whether the service would be free for the Skype users, or would be spread to other platforms.

Members present at the time of launching-

Gurdeep Pall, who is the vice president of the company Skype revealed the device at one of Code Conferences organized in Rancho Palos Verdes of California, recently. Here, chief executive of Microsoft Satya Nadella was also present. The demo illustrated the real-time audio conversion from English to the language of German and also vice versa, merging Skype voice and immediate messaging systems with Microsoft Translator tool, and neural network related speech recognition. 

Some other translators-

Microsoft is not the only one in its endeavor to present real-time conversion. Japanese wireless transporter NTT Docomo has presented a Japanese to English voice translator from the year 2011. Google also gave some endeavor to interpret voice chats, and by now offers an aspect for words on its own translation system. The big dissimilarity in this context is the sheer level of Skype that according to Microsoft gets above 300 million users joined every month, who spend over 2 billion minutes chatting every day.

Thus, with the help of it, you can converse in your local language to a different user who talks in a different tongue, and Microsoft will interpret it to the other individual.

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