Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Triangles security LED drivers

The devices that increase road safety are always welcome. After promising Safety Distance, we discover a whole new concept designed to prevent accidents on motorways.

The concept is called LED Lights Barrier. This concept proposes to improve the safety triangles made ​​compulsory for French motorists in recent months. Indeed, instead of reflective tape which they are currently equipped, this new device features LED.

The indicator diffuse bright red light visible in the dark, in fog or during a thunderstorm. The scattered light is circular with a yellow exclamation mark above.

LED Lights Barrier is a fairly simple device can save lives. It is this concept Xin Zhang, Chunxiao Lin, Shui Ye, Runrong Liang, Jianjian Gao, Feng Chen and Lu Changfen.

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