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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Flying Car Terrafugia TF-X With Vertical Lift!

The TF-X is a new concept created by the company Terrafugia, already known for its flying car, the Transition. This time the TF-X prototype would fly in vertical rotors with two 600 horsepower (electric motors) that fold once airborne. A 300 horsepower engine ensures the transition from vertical to horizontal flight and can fly the car to 230 km / h over a distance of 800 km, by taking four people on board. When will this vehicle series that will land in our gardens?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bionic glasses at the prototype stage

The National Institute of Health Research has developed a sophisticated pair of glasses that are able to improve the vision of a person with visual impairments. The eyeglass frame embeds a digital camera on its side and an LED display in the glasses. When the user moves the eye, the camera films which is in its field of view and transmits real-time images at the screen. The images are improved based on visual impairment suffered by the user. The system also displays the augmented reality to indicate useful information to the individual, as the distance between the various obstacles, for example.