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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HBO Go Lands on Xbox One

On Thursday, it was confirmed by Microsoft that the cable network's a la carte online streaming service, HBO Go, would now be available on the Xbox One gaming console. According to the reports, Microsoft had already announced that Xbox One users will be able to access the HBO Go by end of 2014.

HBO Go: 

HBO Go is one stop destination for all the viewers of HBO, as it gives them an access to an entire range of library starting from the "The Sopranos" to the most thrilling "Game of Thrones”. It has to be noticed that HBO go is only available to the paid channel subscribers. While on one side HBO Go was unavailable on the latest hardware from both Microsoft and Sony, it was available on their previous hardware like last-generation Xbox 360 from Microsoft to PlayStation 3 from Sony.

According to HBO's vice president of digital domestic network distribution, Jeff Dallesandro, the users of the Xbox One will be able to access to the action world with a series of films from HBO. The users will be able to Kinect with the films. This remark was considered quite witty as it was referring to the Kinect voice-controlled camera by Microsoft, which enables the users to switch off apps and even play games.

The existing library of Microsoft consists of companies like Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix and now it is joined by HBO Go. This comes at a retail cost of $350 and that too after a price of $50 price cut announced by Microsoft until the end of 2014.

Market competition: 

There has been an increased competition in the market since many console makers are aggressively investing in their product marketing aiming to target both entertainment hub as well as video game players. Although companies like Microsoft and Sony continue to grow, they are always looking for an prospect to enter the living room area of nearly 10 million homes in United States of America. According to Gfk, market researcher, one of the best or most common device through which user can view Netflix on a TV screen will be the gaming console.

Microsoft and Sony have been facing problems in terms of time management as it takes long time to provide media apps on any of their latest devices. If the viewers do not have access to HBO Go, they are forced to use streaming devices and web browsers and it takes them away from PlayStation and Xbox. HBO Go is one of the most searched by customers who are looking for purchasing streaming devices. Fire TV stick, which was recently launched by Amazon lacks HBO Go and it clearly highlights the difficulty that is faced by big companies to acquire the rights for HBO movies and shows.

HBO has already announced that they are working on releasing a stand alone online service, which is meant for the users without subscription to the cable service, and this is completely different from HBO Go.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

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