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Thursday 22 December 2016

Mono-Live Gadget Review: Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones

The consumer electronics manufacturers as well as tech firms are working aggressively to build such device which better capabilities and fewer cables when it comes to putting music in the ear. So we got a slew of wireless or Bluetooth headphones coming up each week from variety of labels in amazing range of colors, size and dynamics. All of them share some characteristic feature which includes better sound quality, compact design and smaller batteries which can last longer. But it is Beats which takes all the competition head on with its most authentic and enhanced Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones.

Designed to impress

Powerbeats3 comes with a unique giant adjustable hooks present at both sides which effectively wraps over the ear. This helps in giving a table and comfortable feel to the users. In short users can wear Powerbeats3 wireless headphone for a longer period of time without feeling pain or heaviness on the ears. Secondly Beats has worked efficiently non the inline remote and microphones present in both the buds which are able to pick up calls and can communicate with smartphone’s AI with ease and grace.

Most of the users find it difficult to pair their wireless headphones with Apple devices. In order to overcome this issue Beats has include the W1 chip which allows users to pair with Apple devices in an instant without much hassle. It has a huge battery backup of 12 hours which means users will have to charge just once or twice a week. Beats products are known for bigs and lows and so is true for Powerbeats3 and it doesn’t mean that the sound output is awful rather it has the Beats touch in it.

Ease of use and simple design coupled with amazing sound quality

The best thing about Powerbeats3 is that it can be paired fairly easily than any other available wireless device. Users are simply required to press the button on earphone and keep it closer to the device they wish to pair it with. Powerbeats3 was paired with a huge a number of devices where it acted like an instinct and connected within a relatively short time without any hassles. The play/ pause button works amazingly fine with this wireless earphone as it is able to pick up input without fail.

Sound quality output is the best part of the Powerbeat3 as it offers a refreshingly awesome and sublime experience. It brings the one-of a kind true sound isolation feature which drown all the sound you in a remarkable fashion. The only downside found in this Powerbeats3 wireless gadget is that it charges with MicroUSB when whole the world has moved onto USB-C and Lightning ports.

Powerbeats3 comes at a huge price tag of $199 which is the case with all the offerings from Beats. If you are willing to shell such an amount then you will be greeted with amazingly sound quality, sublime design or else you can go with other offerings available in the market.

Friday 13 June 2014

Beats to extend its line of Audio Devices

Beat Electronics has plans to extend its line of audio devices in order to stay tuned with new owner of Apple‘s frequent product updates and Powerbeats 2 Wireless which is the company’s first set of wireless earphones which has been designed, keeping athletes in mind, providing the Beats audio quality which most of the fans are looking forward to.

As conveyed to TechNewsWorld by Ben Arnold, consumer technology industry analyst at NPD, he states that the `Beats’, brand and the endorsement of LeBron James seems to be the biggest strengths of this product.

The Miami Heat basketball player had been engaged in developing the Powerbeats 2 wireless earphones due to his frequent breaking of ear buds which took place during workouts. He further states that he had seen some companies especially at CES putting fitness sensors into ear buds and he thinks that this sets the stage for some new innovation with regards to this issue.

Earphones Hooks – Designed for Comfort and Fitness

The earphones’ hooks seems to be designed for improvement, for fitness and comfort and the device includes IPX4 water and sweat resistance for durability accompanied with a remote which has a slip free grip while making hands free calls, or changing volume or even changing tracks. Moreover for storage, it comes with a hard shell case.

The earphones will come at a price of US$199.95 and will be available in shades of white, black and red by this month. Powerbeats 2 Wireless can be connected to Bluetooth enabled device placed up to 30 feet distance and has a rechargeable battery capable of running for six hours playback. Besides this, user can have a quick charge option enabling them with an extra hour of constant playback within just fifteen minutes of charging.

Long Battery Life – Additional Feature

John Feland, CEO and founder of Argus Insights had informed TechNewsWorld that Beats was always keen on listening experience and the earlier generation of Bluetooth technology seems to be coming in the way in delivery a Beats sound wireless.

He further added that their early Bluetooth Studio headsets had been received well and in their analysis of early Beats Wireless, consumers found that in addition to the traditional love of the Beats sound, the long battery life was another useful feature.

Though this is the first time that Beats released the wireless earphones, it did have some experience in the development of Bluetooth devices since it had launched it wireless mode of headphone in the year 2012 as well as a studio version the next year and the wireless headphone demand reached $1 billion that year accounting to fifty seven percent of US premium sales, with an increase of twenty one percent from the previous year.

Beats – Favoured Brand for Young Generation 

As informed to TechNewsWorld by J. Gerry Purdy, chief mobile analyst at Compass Intelligence, presently Beats is the favoured brand in audio handsets wherein emphasize is in the range of music spectrum that is a favourite among the young generation especially athletes.

 This wireless product eliminates wired connection which could pose a problem during workouts and hence there is a great demand for this new entry. It is not known if Apple would be planning to bundle Beats earphone along with the release of next iPhone and iPad models or plans to use the Beats technology to enhance the EarPods which was used since the release of the iPhone 5.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Beats By Dr. Dre Monster Beats

Not so long ago, the rapper and producer Dr. Dre California launched a range of headphones with the Beats by Dr. Dre Monster Beats. In addition to the lovers of Hip Hop culture, the famous helmet has obviously not left indifferent designers.

Monday 27 June 2011

Beat a player controlled by hand gestures

Beat is an MP3 player concept carved exactly like a watch sports. Moreover, it is designed specifically for sports lovers looking for a portable ergonomic accompany them on their workouts. Besides the music player function, serves Beat watch. It is also, and above all, a device that calculates the parameters for the workout, such as pulse, heart rate, speed or distance traveled.  

Saturday 28 May 2011

A Latest MP3 Player Beat

Beat is an MP3 player conceptual carved exactly like a watch sports. Moreover, it is specially designed for sports lovers looking for a portable ergonomic accompany them during their workouts. Besides the music player function, serves Beat watch. It is also, and above all, a device that calculates the parameters for the workout, such as pulse, heart rate, speed or distance traveled