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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Who Makes The Most Reliable Hard Disk Drives?

Hard drive
The most daunting question for any PC maker and owners is as to who is best hard drives maker? This story is being constantly followed by the unlimited online backup company called as the Backblaze. The company has released some new data for year 2015 and it has been able to shed some incredible light of these manufacturers.

From the perspective of Backblaze, they are looking into these information as even they want to ensure that they buying the best hard drives available in the market. The company at present has around 410002% of these drives. It is hard to imagine that every time a hard drive fails, it takes time and effort to pull another drive, insert in the slot, and rebuild the entire RAID.

So which hard drive manufacturer is the most trustable? 

The data released by Backblaze has divided into two parts; search can be made either by means of specific drive or by means of the name of the manufacturer. The reports suggest that the company that as of December 2014, the company had 22,902 drives of Hitachi, 47 drives of Toshiba, 1,174 drives of Western Digital and 15,528 drives of Seagate.

Although these drives have been bought by the company in different years, the company installed thousands of new 4TB and 6TB models in the last few years. Here if we notice the company considers reliability a second important factor and considers the drives efficiency as the main factor. They buy the most competitive drives, which offer dollar-per-gigabyte ratio.

According to the data, Hitachi seems to have the most reliable product in the market. Backblaze’s Hitachi drives have the failure rate of only. When we compare the HGST drives, the failure rates have been recorded at only 1.4%. After operating for three year the drives from Western Digital, might be impressive as nearly 92.4 per cent of their drives are still in operation and they are functioning well.

In comparison to this, the 3TB drives from Seagate are disastrous, as their 40% drives have failed throughout 2014. Even though the company recorded the failure rate at 9.6%, their introduction of 4TB drives have increased their performance. These drives have failure rate of 2.6%, which is by far better than the 3TB drives.

Which is the best and worst single hard drive? 

4TB models will be the best in terms of reliability and value and these are being offered by Seagate and Hitachi. However, if you are looking for longevity, users will have a long list of options. The Hitachi GST Deskstar 5K3000 3TB, HGST will guarantee that you drive doesn’t die until 3 years. In terms of 4TB, Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 is one of the best options. People need to be aware of 3TB 7200.14 model from Seagate which has been rated very poor in this report.

Considering the fact that Backblaze does not many drives installed from Toshiba and Samsung, it is hard to derive meaningful numbers. While Toshiba and Fujitsu might be a reasonable choice, Seagate acquisition of the hard drive division of Samsung raises questions on the reliability. We might have to wait for another report on this in the future.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

VMUltra: a hard-drive, DVD player and card reader all-in-one

What is the biggest failure of a ultrabook? The lack of CD / DVD. Of course, the use of such a drive has greatly decreased in recent years but remains essential even if only to encode a CD or play a DVD on the go. Velocity Micro has designed a unit specifically dedicated to ultra-thin computer that combines a DVD player, a hard drive (500 GB), a card reader and even a hub with three USB 2.0 ports.