Monday, 7 January 2013

Fake Diploma

Custom made authentic hundred percent fake diplomas and fake degree can be availed at that specializes in these documents in accordance with one’s specifications. They prepare realistic document, as the case may be. They create an identical replica of the desired document with the use of top quality parchment paper in line with the original color and text as well as the watermarks, exact wordings, signature and seals. They strive to ensure that they do not misspell or change the name of the university or college that has been ordered. Some of the things that they do not compromise on are, that they do not stamp or print the words `novelty’ or `replica’ on the document created by them, nor use the same set of templates for each order and falsely claim that the documents are replicas. They are leaders in providing fake diploma which are of high quality products that can be used for novelty purpose only. Users should note that these providers creating these documents in line with the original documents are not attached to any educational institute, college or any university and the products created by them are considered as novelty documents and should not be misused by the user.

 Users are assured of their quality products and their payments can be done in installment starting with a 60 percent payment after reviewing the contents of the document sent via email for any changes that may be needed in the desired documents. Should there arise any changes, their professional designers are most willing to abide with these changes till they arrive at the desired specifications given by their customers, the proof of which is send to the customer for the final approval before delivering the said documents. Users can opt for the payment options of their choice which are bank transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers, Western Union and C-gold .and the time for processing of the payment varies for each option. Bank transfers take about five to eight working days to process, while Western Union payments take around twelve to twenty four hours. C-gold options depend on the funding method used while PayPal and Moneybookers have newly been introduced; information can be obtained from the service provider regarding the same. The services rendered by them are excellent meeting up all the specifications as desired by their clients and fulfilling their commitments of timely deliveries which is between eight to twelve working days on top quality products


  1. Open secret that all this happens.

  2. Are we moving into an era when people will use fake diplomas instead of jewellery for decorating themselves with?


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