Thursday, 24 January 2013

Google’s 50 billion sales in 2012

Google yesterday unveiled the excellent results for its fourth fiscal quarter and the year. "We finished 2012 with a big quarter," said Larry Page, CEO. The Mountain View company has recorded a turnover of 14.42 billion (10.84 billion Euros) in the fourth quarter, up 36% year on year. This is a best result well above market expectations which called for 12.36 billion dollars. Larry Page described that they had reached $ 50 billion in revenue for the first time last year - not bad in just a decade and a half". Google has indeed recorded 50.18 billion dollars (37.72 billion Euros) in revenue in 2012, an increase of 32%. Profit totaled 10.7 billion.

 Unsurprisingly, it is advertising that pays the most Internet giant. It is no less than 43.7 billion in revenue over the last year a 20% more than the previous year. In contrast, the cost per click (CPC, the amount paid by an advertiser for each click on an advertisement) is down by6% from the previous year. Larry Page, however, that provides mobile business "progressing very well" and mapping services, Google Maps in mind, would certainly be "a good source of income." Motorola remains the case, the manufacturer that Google acquired last spring. In the fourth quarter, Motorola Mobility posted a loss from operations of $ 353 million - sales totaled $ 1.5 billion. Google will separate the TV business of Motorola this year to $ 2.35 billion.

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