Monday 7 January 2013

Nike Fuel Band Bracelet

     Nike fuel band bracelet was introduced very recently introduced in Europe. Fuel Band is the wrist band that has two purposes one is the duration of the physical activity and the second one is its duration. The fuel band features a gyroscope like any Smartphone and then it takes care of translating the hand movements and interprets them accordingly.
     They are smart enough to identify the movements in different states like playing, walking and so on, It is also a very beautiful designed bracelet with elegant look. It has hundreds of LEDs and a USB connection that serves as a base. This famous unit done by Nike only weighs thirty grams which gauge our energy expenditure and express it in terms of “Fuel”. The objective of this fuel band is to enable the holder to assess their regular physical activity but more than a simple transverse pedometer.

    The fuel band is synchronized with the phone via Bluetooth and has the dedicated application for the analysis of the results of the daily monitored data. Simply create a Nike account and set the basic wants and specify the wrist on which you are going to worn. You have to clipper your band around your wrist rest will be taken care of. A long press of the single button on the bracelet can synchronize with the application as often as desired. The different presses can display different things like the time display, calories burned or the number of steps. Finally performances of these bracelets are very impressive. One hour of charging a battery is capable of running enough to exceed one week autonomy.

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