Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to find and Block who is stealing your Wi-Fi

Slow down in Internet Connect - Reason? 

There are always some instances when wireless Internet suddenly tends to slow down due to some unauthorized user stealing your bandwidth which could be the cause. In such a case, the intruder can access your WiFi network if the basic WiFi security has not been implemented. There are also many casual or even innocent bandwidth intruders who on seeing an available network and presuming it to be OK tend to borrow it.

This should cause suspicion if the intruder might be using your WiFi network without your permission and setting up a password could help in preventing them who could be infiltrating private connection. When they attempt to log in and if they are challenged with a password, they then are at a loss and finally give up and move out. There are also other set of people who with determination and skills tend to hack a secured network and probably end up in some serious criminal activity.

WiFi Security Measures 

A real cyber criminal is all out to steal something of value from anyone and may use the computer on the network for identity and financial information which could be beneficial to him. He could also use the internet connection to download files illegally or even hack other networks setting any innocent person as the culprit when the crime is traced back to the router since they have the tools and skills needed to tamper WiFi security measures especially if the password is weak.

Android with Solutions

With Android, it is now possible to resolve this issue and find out who has been sneaking some of the WiFi with an application which is a free network tool that can be downloaded from Google Play Store known as Fing. To get started is to connect the Smartphone or tablet to the WiFi connection to be tested and download the application by pressing the download button.

Once the download is completed, the tool is able to detect the trespasser. AT the top of the main page of the app is the name of your network as well as a refresh and the settings menu button. You could tap on the refresh button update and the application shows which devices are connected to your WiFi network indicating whether the router is a Smartphone or a computer.

Apple and Windows Built-in Utilities 

Besides this, there are other options in Fing like checking open TCP port, sending reports and much more. One of the advantages is to change the viewed IP name enabling the user to know who they could be on the app and who the infiltrators could be. Once this is done the intruder, simply click on the intruder and on the option to enter a name, provide a name for the IP address.

Apple and Windows computer have been equipped with built-in utilities which show the devices that are connected to the network and these tools could be used to check for unknown computers which should not be connected to your network. It is essential to know which device is authorized with each authorized computer to be assigned a computer name which can be recognized easily while printers have built in names which the user should be familiar with.

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