Saturday, 26 April 2014

Forget Plastic Bottles, Drink Water In A Bubble

Plastic invades our lives and pollute our planet. To curb this problem, a team of technology designers has developed a new way to drink water without using water bottles. Instead of using water bottles they used a very novel method.

The plastic bottle is removed and replaces it with a water bubble surrounded by ultra- thin edible membrane. How to do without plastic in our lives? This is a million dollar question and the scientists are working on it to find a solution. A team of three London based Designers have found a solution by completely reinventing the concept of the water bottle.

The three friends have created a new form and a new way of drinking water. Either drink it or eat it. The new idea is christened with a name Ooho. For this, they are using simple cooking methods such as molecular cooking and other processes such as spherification, a technique that consists in giving any food in the form of a sphere by freezing.

Here, water is surrounded by a thin membrane composed of edible brown algae and calcium chloride. Rodrigo García González detailed that the water is surrounded by double membrane and that double membrane provides hygienic protection within the membrane, and the manufacturer can put labels between the two layers without using any adhesive.

While the protective membrane is formed, the water is placed in a frozen state to give the spherical shape. Then simply apply the substance created it form the membrane.

The idea is to have an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water which is both easy to handle (just buy the ingredients and equipment) and it is cheap because the cost is less than € 5, According to the designers. The idea behind Ooho is really interesting: replace water bottles by an edible bubble is really innovative!

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