Thursday, 3 April 2014

Google to Launch Improved Android Camera App

Google Camera App
Google is currently working on a revised camera app for Android according to the sources. The new camera app is to get more photo and video capabilities, and this will even appear for all Kitkat devices in future. Now Google is currently running internal tests of a new camera app for Android, Sources reports with reference to confidential sources, which were not disclosed.

Thus, the entire user interface of the Android camera app is redesigned and will be re launched; in order to control the camera functions of an Android device should be easier. The camera app gets directly to function with which can be put out of focus by blur the background. This is intended primarily for portraits, so that the subject's better accentuate. In addition, the panoramic shot function has been revised and optimized the photo -sphere mode.

Both the results will be better accordingly. As part of this new app, lot of enhancements to the view of shooting photos has been optimized. Thus, the new camera app will show 100 percent quality and with easy handling, which shows the quality in photos.

So far, it could happen that unwanted objects protrude into the picture because they were not visible on the viewfinder image because of the camera app showed only a part of the future picture. But these will be the thing of recent past once the apps are working. The new camera app is going to be extensible.

 Third parties can develop filters for the app to include such effects in the camera app and can apply to photos. This is to the creative possibilities of the app to be expanded. At present it is still unclear how interesting it is for developers to offer matching filters.

The new camera app will not only be part of a new Android firmware. Owner of an existing Android device so do not wait until the Android system has been updated accordingly. Google plans to offer the camera app as a separate update.

The app will then be available for all Smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 aka Kitkat at least with. Therefore the new camera app requires the latest version of Android currently. And the exact release date of the camera app is not known.

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