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Top 10 Precaution Tips To Open RAR Files in Mac

Most of the Mac users are well known about the fact that many formats are not supported in Mac. One among them is the “.rar” file. These files are the compressed otherwise zipped files whereas the user needs to decompress it in order to access the file present inside it. In apple devices if you try to make it down you will be failed. Here in this article we will discuss briefly about why apple devices are not supporting the “.rar” files. What are the major reasons for it?

Phishing rar 

The main reason for the not supporting of rar files in the apple devices is easily this can be infiltrated. It will not be secured and safe like the earlier WinZip files. So you should be aware of the phishing rar files. These file will ask you to check some specific website before you open it. And the corresponding website will ask you to sign up and once you did, then you will be screwed.

Malicious rar 

More or less this malicious rar is also similar to that of the phishing rars. But here we can’t directly mean it as a phish. It is the thing which may be a virus or malicious software or adware and etc. Here may be your online accounts will be hacked and take you to any kind of troubles regarding it.

Corrupted rar 

On the other side there are corrupted rars here is not necessary to be a virus or adware or a malware. Here the rar file will be shown as it can be perfectly works but in reality some of the significant file to open it will be missed from it and hence you cannot open it. Without that awareness many users are wasting their time in attempting to open such files.

Virus rar 

While we are comparing all the above reasons with this one it seems nothing on them. These are the files which are programmed to destroy the things whatever getting connects to them. It is difficult for you to identify the virus in a rar file. You can analysis it by, it will kept on asking you to unrar even you made it already for number of times.

Virus converters 

If you are going to download a rar converter for your apple devices, you need to be aware of those programs because many programs are particularly developed for destroying your Mac devices. These are the things which may contain some unwanted files that which are not supposed to remove from your system.

Broken rar 

It is also similar to that of the corrupted files but the difference is here you are advised fix the issue by clicking over the fix this file option but if you try it you will be failed because in reality the rar file will not be broken ever.


In practical the rar files are not taken into any main streams of the software technology. It is very easy for anybody to penetrate your systems if they know the computer basics and virus making technology. So it is very unstable to have it in your device.


Since this article begins we were discussing about the various risks about the rars. But here in the name of risk what I would like to say is this rars can simply corrupt your Mac systems what you have never expected. It makes you hate your computer and even the internet so be aware while you are handling these stuffs.

Waste of time 

Now you will know that, even trying to work with a rar file is itself totally a waste of time. Yes not only this, if you are tried in any of those unwanted things and made your system ruined you need to take it for a service by wasting your time and money.

Not supporting 

After looking the above stated reasons you have to decide that, this rar files are never supported in your Mac devises. Though you are trying hard in many ways to achieve it,

These are the top reasons that should be known to, why the rar files are not supporting in the apple devices. The best solution for you to use the rar file is just downloading the “rar converter for Mac” which is available in the apple app store.

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