Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Top 10 Burning Software for Mac

In Mac, you can burn the audios, videos on DVD by using the burning software. In addition to this, burning software offers some useful features too. If you want to share any music files, pictures, to back up files, you can use burning software.

1. Toast 11 Titanium software
Toast 11 Titanium software is the best burning program for Mac. Though it is expensive software, it has awesome features. It costs about 79.99$. Regardless of burning data’s it also used to copy the files. It will help you to publish the videos on Facebook, YouTube like social networking websites. If you have an internet connection, copy the files like music, video is very easy. It can help you to save the converted files in various formats.

2. Express Burn software
Express burn software has both free and paid versions. For noncommercial use, use the free version. You just need to drag and drop the files need to be burn. Even a Blu-Ray print can be burnt. It can able to burn mp3, wav and AAC formats. Track volume is normalized. It supports almost all the formats to be burnt. Copying of the one disk content to another is also possible.

3. LiquidCD software
LiquidCD software is free software. The process done here is very simple. Simply you need to drag and drop the files that are to be burnt. It will get sorted automatically based on the alphabets. It made to search the files easier. You can erase the files also. it is possible in this program. When you download the software, install the latest version. Because of the bugs in the earlier version are resolved in the latest version.

4. BurnAgain FS software

BurnAgain FS software costs about 22$. But it is worth to pay that money. It has those much useful features. Once you burn the files to the CD or DVD, it is not easy to edit or rewrite the files. But this issue is overcome in BurnAgain FS software. There is no need to use any further software to do convert or other things. This software itself does that kind of stuffs.

5. SimplyBurns software
SimplyBurns software is free software. It burns data and audio files. Rip and copy of the disc is also possible here. ISO9660, UDF, Joliet and HFS+ are the file systems are supported in this software.

6. Popcorn software
Popcorn software costs about 49.99$. It will copy and burn the content to the disc. You can convert the video formats as you want. Using the extract feature of the Popcorn, you save the specific part of the music.

7. BurnX Free software
BurnX software is free software. It is simple software. If you burn the disc at first time, it is not a difficult task. You just need to do drag and drop files that you want to burn which includes music, video etc. If you want to remove the content from the CD/DVD is also possible using this software.

8. Disco software
Disco software is used for the effective burning of the files. The rewritten files also can be deleted using this software. It has additional features too. For example, if you want to burn the large file which is exceeded the size of the disc, the Disco software will divide the files and it will intimate you how many discs are needed.

9. Burn software
Burn software is free software. It does the same process only like other softwaredoes. If you want to copy the content only in the disc, burn software will do it automatically. According to the device, you can select the data format too. If the audio files are not supported by the device, it can convert to the compatible format.

10. Disc Burner software
Disc burner software is invented by Centromedia, which is simple software. And it is easy to use. It is available in free of cost. You can do the background process, while the files are burning into the disc.
Procedure for burning:

v Install the Disc burner
v Insert the blank CD/DVD
v Unveil the Disc burner
v Select the directory file that you want to burn
v Finally select burn CD

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