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How to reduce the Heat issues on Laptops

heat issues of Laptops
The most common problem in laptops are overheating. It may be due to the ageing of the laptop or it may be due to the improper heat transfer through the air vents. Overheating of the laptop causes several issues such as loss of data, damage in motherboard and it tends the laptop, to hang frequently. Due to the heat, while using the laptop on your lap causes male infertility and skin discoloration also. In order to refrain these problems, the following things have to be done. In this post, has shortlisted the way to reduce the heat effects issues on the laptop while playing games.

Avoid using laptop on the soft surfaces
To avoid overheating laptop must not be used in soft surfaces like sofa, bed etc. because it resists the heat transfer. It won’t allow the warm air to go out. And it may lead to formation of dust particles over the air vents. So use your laptop on laptop desk.

Turn on the power saving options
If your computer has power saving options means, just turn on them. Because when you use less power means, the heating is also gets reduced.

Avoid using power chord often
Don’t use power chord often or don’t use it continuously. It may generate the overheat. And it will cause the laptop to shutdown automatically, which leads to loss of data.

Keep up the maintenance of the laptop
Maintenance of the laptop is the very necessary thing. Get your laptop to the service center often can help the laptop from overheat. You'll have to figure out how often you need this maintenance according to the speed with which your laptop gains dust.

Use of laptop cooling mat or cool lift laptop stand
Buy a laptop cooling mat which will help you to achieve the rapid heat transfer.

Overheating is based on the fan.If the fan gets lots of dust means it won’t transfer the heat properly. Further addition of dust leads to stop the processing of the fan. If the fan is not working means it would be recommended that not to use laptop. Commonly when fixing anyone’s computer the issue found is that it has not been maintained.

  • Occasionally check the laptop’s temperature, speed in bios.
· There is a software router for fan which is used to control the pace of the fan. By installing them we can reduce the noise of the fan.

· Using a light weight OS in the laptop keeps it cooler. Light weight means not use primary OS.

· In order to clean the fan uses a compressed air. i.e pump the compressed air through the fan. Dusts will automatically get removed. While doing so you have to remove the battery and inner parts of the laptop using screws.

· Closing the unwanted programs running in the background will help you to keep the laptop cooler.
Using a laptop cooler avoids the laptop from overheating. When the number of process running increases means the system temperature will also get increased. So it is advised to use external laptop cooler.

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