Sunday, 13 April 2014

Top 10 Best Free Messengers or SMS Applications for Android iPhone and Windows

There are so many messenger applications in the market. But, most of the people are unaware of the apps which is best in the market. In this post, has shared the best application for sending message from one android device to another device.

Ø Line Mobile Messaging application

Line is a mobile message and voice call application in social network. It has gaming features also. Line Mobile Messaging was introduced by South Korea's Naver developed on 2011.You can do voice calls and send instant text messages with all your friends. The Line messages applications offers games that you may play with your Line message applicants. It has built in camera application, to share your clicks.Line will run as a desktop application and mobile application for iOS phones, Android phonesand in some other platforms also.

Ø Whatsapp application

Whatsapp is a text messaging application, which is launched on 2009. It is designed in the motive of send messages at free of cost. Through internet facility, the messages can be sent. Hence the user must have internet. You can send audios, photos and videos. It is a cross platform application, which runs on iPhone phones, android phones and so on.

Ø Viber application

It is a popular free mobile messaging application that piggybacking on Wi-Fi or other data plan. It makes a cell phone user to make voice calls and to send instant messages without any billing.The company's logo is "Connect Freely."

Ø MessageMe application

MessageMe is newly introduced application in the market. The application is launched in the early of 2013. It provides the services on context, multimedia and to mix media. It is used to draw photos and you can send instant messages. It is blended with media types. To simplify the sending process of MMS, it uses slick interface. It runs on both android and iOS phones.

Ø Voxer application

Voxeris commonly called as "push-to-talk"application.Because when you select the talk in the application, you can able to send the instant voice messages or multimedia messages to your friends. The message is either send instant messages or voice mails. Voxer enables to send text and photo messages. It offers VOIP voice calls like Skype do, and group messages. It works onAndroid and iOS phones.

Ø HeyTell application

HeyTell is a yet another push to talk application which provides instant voice messages. It is available on windows phone, android phone and iOS phones.HeyTell application provides "hold and speak" which is used to talk in message. In this application you are no need to sign up or to create an account. And it is a cross platform application. This application is introduced by a company named Voxilate. It has many special features that include voice changer and ringtones.

Ø TextNow application

TextNow is another messenger application. It provides free voice call and text by piggybacks on data plans. It will work on all desktop computers andin mobile phones. It provides individual phone number to everyone in order to receive phone calls and messages. TextNow provides unlimited free messages (voice and text). TextNow will run on android and iOS phones.

Ø Talkatone application

Talkatone is a mobile application which provides free voice call and text message through Wi-Fi/LTE/3G or 4G data plans. It will be running on iOS and android phones. Talkatone messenger allows the people to message and call through Wi-Fi or any data plans. It won’t need cell minutes.

Ø Keek application

Keek is a video messenger. It provides this service for mobiles. It is used to record the video and to share it. It is used to share the status, posts and contacts directly into the social websites like facebook, twitter etc. The Keek messenger application will be available in Google, Android and iOS devices.

Ø Snapchat application

Snapchat messenger differ from other messenger applications. Because it has a special feature called self-destruct. Once the messages are sent, it will automatically delete the message after some particular time after the recipient read it. So it is differ from other messengers. And it is very popular among the young people.

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