Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Best Apps To Improve Android Browsing

More content on Mobile devices with improvements

Technology has been making great upgrades and improving the lifestyle of the individual bringing about improved devices enhancing the users’ experience in web browsing and surfing.

Browsing through Android devices has replaced a lot of desktop and laptop surfing which come with larger, better resolution screens, together with Wi-Fi and data plans besides more mobile products to suit the need of the user.

More content on mobile devices is presently the trend among many users which has now become convenient and easy to access than before. For further improvements, there are three awesome apps to improve the web browsing experience on Android which could be convenient and easy for the user.

Link Bubble

Link Bubble
Link Bubble enables the user to pre load the page before it pops up which means that the user can continue to read the page arrived at, till the link is ready. While the free version enables to use Link Bubble in one app only and open one bubble at a time, paid version supports all apps with unlimited bubble. Link Bubble is genius in which the loading occurs in the background while you can continue viewing the previous screen and once the page is loaded, the window will pop up without wasting time in waiting for the loading.

Moreover it also informs the user about the time needed for loading. Loading pages in Chrome seems to be faster, but Link Bubble enables the user to carry on with what they are doing till the link is ready. Besides the background loading, Link Bubble also uses flick physics wherein with the flick of a finger one can share a page, close it or even save it for future reading with another service like Pocket. Gesture browsing experience together with pre loading feature in Link Bubble can enhance the internet browsing experience on mobile devices.

Javelin Browser

Javelin, an Android Browser, is built with its focus on mobile experience of surfing on the web. It is streamlined and very minimal with gestures between tabs and has built in AdBlock and the first Android browser with reading mode, similar to Pocket/Readability app with one touch navigation. Besides these, Javelin is capable of intelligent bookmarks wherein the bookmarks are segregated based on the frequency of use, with built in proxy services, though in-app subscription is needed, incognito mode (private browsing) and fast start times wherein app opens immediately.


Best Apps To Improve Android Browsing
Pocket is a useful and simple browser extension, its main function is saving web content for offline reading when time permits using the Pocket app to read it. It synchronizes the pages to the Pocket server side and can be read on different devices.

When online and reading something which may have to be stopped, the Pocket plug in can save the page easily after which using the Pocket app the same can be read at any time.

In order to use this extension, Next Browser is needed to be installed which is the fastest and the simplest browser. Besides these, there are other extensions in Next Browser to improve the functions without limitation namely QR code for Next Browser, PDF, Screenshot, Evernote, Auto Refresh, Facebook, Private Bookmarks, translate, defy pages and browsing faster all for Next Browser.

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