Saturday 8 February 2014

How to Change Boot Animation of Android Device

Most of you would have felt that how to change the annoying animation which comes in your android smartphone when it gets booted. This is a big issue if you want to experience a faster mobile. You can easily turn your mobile into a fantastic mobile by changing the default boot animation in your mobile. Many of the people asked me how to change the boot animation of the mobile device and here I have listed a way how to change the boot animation of the android mobile.

Disclaimer: Before doing this procedure, kindly make sure that, our blog cannot be responsible for the thing which is going to occur in your mobile, if you were performing this procedure wrongly. We have almost made this post by performing in a mobile and each and every step in this procedure is in its best level.So kindly make sure that, you were performing this device properly.

Pre-Requisite: Before doing this, you need to have these following things. So that, you can very easily perform this procedure.

• You should mainly know that, your mobile devices should be rooted in order to perform this action.

• You need to install applications like Root Explorer in order to access your device internal phone memory.

• In order to change the boot animation, you need a custom animation files for your mobile.

Ways to Change the Boot animation of your android device:

• In order to change the boot animation of the android mobile, you need to Download the Custom Boot Animations for Your android device From

• Otherwise you can use the custom animation for your device by using the custom animation of any device that is compatible for your device.

• Now using the Root Explorer application, move the in the system/media in your internal memory of your android device.

Note:Now you need to Mount the Phone Memory of your mobile, for moving the in the /system/media. And you can easily do it very easilyby Pressing Mount R/W Button, which is present on the Top of Root Explorer.

Once the files has been moved into the location, then you need to change the permission for the; in order to select the permission, you need to long press the files and select the permission. Give permission as rw-r-r. You can refer the following picture for the reference.

Boot Animation
Now Everything has been over, you need to simply close the root explorer application in your mobile and then restart your mobile. Now you can see the new custom animation in your android mobile. This will gives you a new boot animation for your mobile and also gives you a solid feel when you turn on your mobile. By using this, you can easily prank your friends very easily. Even you can change the animation as per your wish. If you have any problem regarding this, you can ping me through the comment box below.

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