Friday 21 February 2014

How to Download Torrent on iOS

Bittorrent technology avails you to download torrent on Chromebook and that isn’t illegal. Like other downloading technology this to opt for both legal and illegal content. People think this as an illegal content owing to its popularity and missing out this technology. There are millions of legal content available at torrent site, they provide the illegal content on the desire of customer and make money through releasing movies. Almost only few got a note about the authority of bittorrent.

While considering this view with apple, Apple refuses to allow any torrent clients on the App Store. But it is possible for iOS user to download bittorrent using Safari browser. What is the logic behind this? iOS allows you to download illegal content from torrent. There are many methods which by using a service that essentially download the torrent and gives as a direct download link in its place.

Many services for iOS available but it chooses zbigz. This operates by copying a link from torrent then upload to the, and paste the link to that site clack on go and wait till the files are uploaded. On the go after uploading, it will start downloading using the service bittorrent on zbigz on any format as you desire. Apple iOS using Safari is possible and you can do it, but in some cases you will not be. Whenever Safari browser emerges with an download link it will simply open up something in browser that have an download size of 2MB PDF file instead of opening of up size of 700MB Ubuntu.iso which serves for no purpose.

Instead of doing up with these you can download an downloading app from store available at tons in iOS. Apps like Goodreader has build-in download function available in them. Filer is other app that servers as a browser to zbigz and using them paste the torrent link and while uploading wait for a while. Then you can start downloading using the Download Manager from Filer. Once the file can be completed you are allowed to access it from Filer’s file manager, also it avails an option of sending it to other application using Open in options available.

Zbigz avails you for free which allows you to download both large files, but few restriction do present. Hence it is also advice able to move on premium offered at $10 per month and on year whole t avails at $85, you may think that may cost a little bit when you go on to grab files for quick ones. On miss out bittorrent only in your system then its worth to go on. Also some other service are available that you can try out is PUT.iO. Hence these are the ways for your iOS to download from bittorrent.

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