Thursday 13 February 2014

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!
The Mozilla Foundation plans to introduce ads into the "new tab" in the browser space. These advertisements appear alongside of the Firefox users’ content.

 This is a revolution taking place at Mozilla. The Foundation has announced that it would introduce advertising in its Firefox browser. Attending the annual meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Darren Herman, vice president in charge of services and income diversification in Mozilla, presented the “Directory Tiles " concept.

When first using Firefox: opening Firefox in a new tab, it will have 9 empty tiles that appear thereafter most visited web sites. The objective is to use these spaces by displaying advertising and preloaded such websites specific to certain geographic areas.

The ads will be stamped so that there is no ambiguity for users. Mozilla says it is trying to introduce the concept of Tiles Directory advertisers but gives no specific date for its introduction.

This diversification is an important step for Mozilla whose revenues are 97% of its agreements with the search engines, especially Google.

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