Saturday 22 February 2014

How to Send or Enable Auto Reply in Gmail

We will not be sure that all the time you will avail internet connection and still you are required to inform someone who is very important that you are not able to reply, in such situation you can set your email to be auto replied to your contacts while they are trying to contact you via email.

The time limits can be set as per your wish. Once the person wants to contact you again and again, the reminder will inform the corresponding person that still you are away. Just follow the steps which are stated in this article, surely it will help you to assign a auto replying facility of your email.

Steps for making auto reply

First, log in to the Gmail account. In the Gmail page, you will be seeing a gear like icon right top of the screen. Click that one and it will show you a drop down menu. In that menu you be seeing the setting option. Hit on settings.

It will show you the settings page. In “General” tab you will see the Vacation responder section while you are scrolling down the page. While you are checking that you will find the subject and message option in the “vacation responder”

Just fill the subject and the message based on your engagements in the vacations you will be also allowed to set the date and the time in which you will not be available. In this date setting you can set the date of you first and last day of your vacation.

Here you are choosing to whom you want to auto reply with the vacation response. If you are not required to send the auto reply mail for whomever mailing you. You should check the option which occurs below the message box. Then it will be sending the auto reply for the persons who are present in your contact list. Additionally if you are using the Google App, you may avail another option which helps to restrict the auto reply to the people who are using your domain.

1. Incase if you are using your signature in your mail, then automatically your signature will also sent along the vacation response. Once everything is completed save the changes you made.

2. If you need to make any changes in the vocation auto reply message, just get in to the Vacation settings.

 Note: whatever the messages that are in spam or sent to you using a list will not get your auto reply.

Once you are enabling the vacation responder, in the top of the Gmail you will find a banner. That banner will display you the subject of your vacation response message. Once your vacation got over and you want to quit this auto replying service, you can do it by clicking the “End now” that present in the banner.

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