Sunday 9 February 2014

Samsung Brings Android 4.4 Kitkat Update To Ten Galaxy Models

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Samsung plans to offer an update to Android 4.4 Kitkat for at least ten Galaxy models. Here are six Galaxy Smartphones, a Galaxy Tab and other three Galaxy note versions. Although the dates are mentioned, but at least a list of devices of Samsung for which an update to Android 4.4  Kitkat is planned.

The corresponding list and details were received from a person who is involved in the update plans from Samsung. Thus, six different Galaxy Smartphones, a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy note three models will get an update to Kitkat. From December 2013 to till end of Jan.2014 the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 has received an Android 4.4 Update. But still firmware updates is pending few part of Europe.

And it is expected that Galaxy S4 will receive kitkat update in the forth coming weeks. In addition, Samsung will provide an update to Android 4.4 for the Galaxy S3 Smartphone models, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom as well as the Galaxy Mega 6.3. It is quite unusual that although the Galaxy S3 Mini will get an update, but not the S4 Galaxy Mini. If Samsung is not significantly ramps up this list, the vast majority of current Galaxy Smartphones remains excluded from the update.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 3 should and even its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2 will receive an update on the current Android version. In addition, the Kitkat update for the Galaxy Note 8.0 is planned. Whether the Galaxy Note 10.1 receives update to Android 4.4, is not known. It is envisaged to Android 4.4 for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 an update 3. Therefore there is no update is currently planned for other Samsung tablets.

It remains to hope that Samsung still do the best at the earliest. On the other hand, this would mean that almost all Galaxy Tab models are excluded from the update. This would also apply to the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite, which has just come on the market in even with Android 4.2 and some with Android 4.3. Samsung there is no official confirmation about what Galaxy models will get an update to Android 4.4.

Previously it was quite common in Samsung that always only a few devices from the luxury class will get update to the latest Android version. Models for beginners from Samsung usually get no Android updates and stay with the Android versions with which they have come onto the market.

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