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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Google Play Gets a Free App of the Week Section

Google Play
Back in 2012, Apple started ‘free app of the week’ as a means of promoting some of the best titles in App stores. Google decided to follow Apple’s footsteps and has recently launched their own ‘free app of the week’ section. This new and exciting section is available on Google Play and has been launched, but not yet in India. However, this mega-tech pioneer has not yet committed to making this free application section, a full time feature. Google Play is currently testing their new approach to marketing apps only in the US, and will keep the format going for a time period of four weeks.

Free apps available 

One of the attractive features they had added on Google Play prior to this recent update was a unique feature that was greatly liked. This innovation allowed developers to display sales of their apps and other free offers on Google Play. While the recent ‘free app section also features a free download version of Card Wars by Cartoon Network for free which normally costs around $2.99. This is available on both mobile and desktop version.

This move is a wonderfully innovative approach that not only allows popularity of Google Play but gives an innovative platform to new developers. This program by Google is called the pilot program. Cartoon Network was approached by Google for offering the proposal of joining this latest venture by Google Play. Even though, CN was not thinking of running a sale, they agreed to participate in it.
Editorial selection process

An editorial selection process is being held by Google for deciding which apps will be featured in their new ‘free app of the week’ section. This editorial process is far better than some algorithm which will lead to the display of popular apps that have already been up for sale. For this program CN is giving some its popular apps for free but Google recompensing the publisher of the apps, for these downloads.

Tried and tested method 

Although, Google has decided to take up this new venture, it is not exactly ‘new’ for the company. As, back in 2015 Google had already tested the model by offering free apps in the family section. However, the format was a tad different, and Google Play was only offering free applications from PBS kids.

Well, this is also not something new for the Android users as they’ve already had the experience of downloading paid content for free. Amazon Underground was a program launched by Amazon in 2015 where Android users were able to download premium apps for free from the Amazon Appstore. App publishers in an effort to increase their Google Play ranking and for boosting downloads also sometimes offers exciting sales.

Google, however, has decided to not make comments on this business model surrounding the ‘free app of the week’ venture. A spokesperson has however stated that it is Google Play’s constant endeavor to offer their customers with the best services on Google Play. Considering the shining success of Google’s earlier efforts to boost app rankings, this new venture will be quite successful.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NSA Planned To Hack Google Play

There is recently a news about the US National Security Agency trying to hack the Samsung App store named Google Play and this is possible being done so that spywares can be installed in the smart phones. Released on Thursday, this media record has brought out a tremendous upraise in the US. According to the many online news sites it is being revealed that the US security has been allied with the Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia which is namely known as the ‘five eyes’ alliance. This is being done as per a plan in which the surveillance on Smartphones is to be kept so that the percentage of crime due to the misuse of Smartphones can be controlled to a great extent.

Further details: 

Actually this program of ‘five eyes’ is the upgraded form of the plan made by the intelligence bureau in the year 2011 and 2012 popularly known as the ‘irritant horn’. These plans have been collaborated and modified to this stage so that the NSA can actually hijack the data connections of each and every Smartphone and stealthily install the spyware in their phones so that the data exchange occurring in and out of the Smartphones can be operated properly.

The main advantage of this program is that this will help reducing the crime to a great extent. In the crime world, the main exchange f information is through the gadgets and these are mostly the Smartphones. Now while the spyware is running and any sort of misuse is detected then the two parties can be misinformed by the manipulation of the data so that the country can get saved from any sort of adversities that were being planned. These agencies actually were interested just in the Africa region namely Senegal, Sudan and Congo but later on also paid heed to the application servers of the France, Cuba, Morocco, Switzerland, Bahamas, Netherlands and Russia.

It was seen that during the planning of the program, the NSA was looking for a loophole through which they could actually hack. The chance came from a browser named UC browser that is actually a part of the Alibaba group, and from there on the intelligence bureau used the spyware on the 50 million people who used this browser to surf the net. Not only have that, through this hacking many terrorist locations can be detected with the help of SIM carded tracing.

Then again with the help of this program, it has been seen that the suspected terrorists have been caught up and invested and in this way the country will be saved from many terrorist attacks. Not only that these investigators are being totally fast paced to install spyware for the fact that more number of Smartphones can be brought under the surveillance.

Due to this hacking program, enough safety has been ensured and the commoners can do their data operations unhindered as because all the files and the data exchanges that are recorded are secured in an extremely confidential manner.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Gamble Against iOS Players Now In Google Play

Google Play Games
Many mobile games appear both in Android and iOS. Now bring Google to provide users of the competing camp playful together. Google Play combines Android and iOS gamers in multiplayer games so that they can bet and play together.

Google is celebrating the launch of this year's Game Developers Conference with new features for the Google Play Service. As of now, Android users give virtual game items to their Google Plus friends and look forward to a more detailed categorization of games in Google Play Store.

In addition, you may gamble against users of Apple's iOS platform in future. The new Google Play Services version 4.3 is now available and allows cross-platform multiplayer game between Android and Apple operating system.

That was already in individual cases previously possible, there are game developers now but apparently as a standard option. In this case, the official announcement, according to both the turn-based interaction as well as the online brawl in real time is possible.

If you want to directly challenge an iPhone user in his favorite game now. The game developers must implement in their titles individually. The same is true for cross-platform leader boards, trophies and cloud storage items that also allow the update.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Google Play Service 4.2 Provides A New Client Api

Google Play
Google has just announced the release of the latest version of Google Play Service that will provide developers always more tools and possibilities. Although this version is as always intended primarily for developers, some new features could be useful to other users too.

With regard to this version, the most interesting part is the introduction of an API for ChromeCast. Developers had also been ordered to keep their mouths shut when the first publication of this API. Though it had happen a week ago but now only this information is confirmed officially, we are likely to see the emergence of many applications that support the exchange of information continuously.

Also in this version, the API Google Drive has just been launched. This API allowed developers to provide more comprehensive support in particular with regard to the Cloud Google and storing information beyond simple file sharing from last month. It is now possible for applications to temporarily save a file with your username to synchronize with Google Drive and you can later use it for example.

It has new feature that allows Google Drive to compete a bit with similar applications like Dropbox. In this version 4.2 Google Play Service, the client API has also been updated. This new version of the client API will allow developers to connect to all Google services with the same API instead of having a connection service.

User side, nothing has changed with their point of view. To allow time for all developers to update their API, the old version will continue to work and it will become obsolete in a few weeks or months. Finally, for users, nothing is easier than getting the updated Google Play Services 4.2 which will do automatically.