Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NSA Planned To Hack Google Play

There is recently a news about the US National Security Agency trying to hack the Samsung App store named Google Play and this is possible being done so that spywares can be installed in the smart phones. Released on Thursday, this media record has brought out a tremendous upraise in the US. According to the many online news sites it is being revealed that the US security has been allied with the Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia which is namely known as the ‘five eyes’ alliance. This is being done as per a plan in which the surveillance on Smartphones is to be kept so that the percentage of crime due to the misuse of Smartphones can be controlled to a great extent.

Further details: 

Actually this program of ‘five eyes’ is the upgraded form of the plan made by the intelligence bureau in the year 2011 and 2012 popularly known as the ‘irritant horn’. These plans have been collaborated and modified to this stage so that the NSA can actually hijack the data connections of each and every Smartphone and stealthily install the spyware in their phones so that the data exchange occurring in and out of the Smartphones can be operated properly.

The main advantage of this program is that this will help reducing the crime to a great extent. In the crime world, the main exchange f information is through the gadgets and these are mostly the Smartphones. Now while the spyware is running and any sort of misuse is detected then the two parties can be misinformed by the manipulation of the data so that the country can get saved from any sort of adversities that were being planned. These agencies actually were interested just in the Africa region namely Senegal, Sudan and Congo but later on also paid heed to the application servers of the France, Cuba, Morocco, Switzerland, Bahamas, Netherlands and Russia.

It was seen that during the planning of the program, the NSA was looking for a loophole through which they could actually hack. The chance came from a browser named UC browser that is actually a part of the Alibaba group, and from there on the intelligence bureau used the spyware on the 50 million people who used this browser to surf the net. Not only have that, through this hacking many terrorist locations can be detected with the help of SIM carded tracing.

Then again with the help of this program, it has been seen that the suspected terrorists have been caught up and invested and in this way the country will be saved from many terrorist attacks. Not only that these investigators are being totally fast paced to install spyware for the fact that more number of Smartphones can be brought under the surveillance.

Due to this hacking program, enough safety has been ensured and the commoners can do their data operations unhindered as because all the files and the data exchanges that are recorded are secured in an extremely confidential manner.

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