Sunday, 17 May 2015

Technology Turns Touchscreen Displays Into Biometric Scanners

Some of the researcher representing and working at the Yahoo Labs have developed a very affordable alternative to the current fingerprint sensors available on the phone. They have developed a biometric system which is being called as the Body print. This biometric system will only require the capacitive touch screen displays of the devices to authenticate the body parts of the user.

However, on the down side, since the touch screen displays have lower resolution of the input when compared to other specialized sensors, the new biometric system will require the user to make use of the larger parts of their body. The user will simply have to press any of these parts on the screen to get access to the device. This biometric system not only works as a security gatekeeper for the phone, but is also has many other benefits and applications. This system has perfect ability to recognize the fist, ear, set of five fingers, phalanges, and the palm of the user.

Applications of the new biometric system: 

A simple example of this biometric system application is the fact that the user can configure the device system to only answers calls when the device has been able to detect the ear of the users pressed to the phone. Body print that was recently launched at the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul, South Korea was able to accurately identify different parts of the human body as well as the owners of the system for nearly about 99.98 percent of all the times during all the tests that was conducted using 12 participants. But if it is important that the creator is this biometric system and his team, try and test this system on a wider scale before it can be released for commercial use. This application is perfect to keep the files and documents saved from inquisitive people.

This creation has come as a new breather for many companies who are still afraid to try on the biometric systems. Not many companies have tried to take complete advantage of the full potential of this system. Most of the latest smartphones are built with the fingerprint biometric system and how might be the perfect time for all these companies to raise the bar a bit higher.

In present all the finger print scanners are available on some of most high end phones but the Body print will allow all the smartphones have all the features of a biometric system.

This firm is not only innovating latest technology but also planning to extend its research in the field of technology, as Marissa Mayer, who is the CEO of Yahoo stated that firm might compete with the other leading technology of same field such as; voice-based virtual assistants or Cortana of Microsoft, Siri from Apple or Google Now from Google. It is expected that Bodyprint will arrive in the market in the form of app to support touch screen of almost all smartphones.

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