Wednesday, 27 May 2015

LG Snaps At Apple and Samsung with Photo-Focussed G4

LG Unveiled Its New Flagship – LG G4

LG recently unveiled the leather clad G4 smartphone, the brand’s new flagship which looks nothing like its competitors. Surrounding the screen, the front features a fake carbon-fibre finish if one opts for one of the textured composite version, while the back of the G4 handsets are of real leather.

Options of few colour choices are available which range from conservative black and tan to more outlandish yellow and teal. They tend to have a double stitched seam down the back which is expected to look handmade, though it is not.

The most impressive part of the LG G4 is the screen which has a refined curve that supplements the arched back of the case and the screen is more approachable than the G Flex 2 without noticing the concavity while viewing a picture or watching video.

The size is five and a half inches with resolution, brightness as well as saturation and one of the best smartphone displays at the moment. LG is still unclear on the details but has assured that the G4 would be getting more than a full day’s recharge even if the usage is quite heavy

Camera Great Improvement 

The camera is a great improvement from what was earlier offered by LG in the G3. The back facing camera is 15 megapixels having an f/1.8 lens which tends to focus in 0.276 seconds and the tool can launch and snap an image in just 0.6 seconds from sleep.

It is difficult to state if the 0.1 stop bump over the camera of Galaxy S6 would be an obvious improvement for the users though LG would be marketing the G4 as the phone for the purpose of photography conscious users. On viewing the LG G4, it is notable that LG’s approach to this new entry is distinct from the Apple or Samsung which looks different.

The LG G4 seems like it would be a strong flagship smartphone, though not a bona-fide luxury product. Its big screen which would make Instagrams looks more enticing. With the camera being a major step up in its feature and the phone claiming to have long battery life, it could offer the greatest luxury of all, which is more time.

To Debut in Early June 

The G4 will debut in the U.S. in early June and would be at a cost comparably to the G3. No firm details are available at the moment. Till then LG is planning phones with actual user in beta test and probably more information would be revealed shortly.

Some of the key features comprise of a sophisticated as well as a powerful camera, enabling users in obtaining professional grade adjustments in capturing image. The launch comes at a key time for the South Korean firm and the company is said to have reported its latest quarterly figure on smartphone of around 26% on the same period last year, forming the main part of its profitability.

It has a distinctive design feature in the form of leather back. BBC had been at the London launch of the phone to enquire with the technology media, for its opinion on the device.

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