Friday, 29 May 2015

Microsoft – Free Upgrades to Updated Operating System

Windows 10
Microsoft will be offering free upgrades to its updated operating system, Window 10, though only for selected individuals. However, it is uncertain at the moment as to what will happen to those who are not provided with this offer. Recent versions users of Windows 7 and 8 will be provided with the choice of upgrading for free in the first year when Windows 10 will be out and users will have to purchase the software thereafter though those with the older versions of Windows and those made for tablets would be missing out of it.

Users of the home version of Windows 7 and 8 have already been informed by Microsoft that they will get Window 10 Home for free while users of the pro versions of that operating system will be given the corresponding edition of Window 10.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the situation on Windows XP and Windows Vista and it seems that users working on those systems would have to purchase the new version of Windows 10. Those intending to build new computers from the start are likely to have to do the same, buying a new version of Windows 10 for their new computer.

Windows As a Service

Users on Windows RT which is the special version of Windows 8, made for mobile devices would also be left out while selected devices like the Surface RT and Surface 2 are promised with some type of upgrade though it is not known if it would be a full version of Window 10.

Microsoft is attempting to get as part of their plan in ensuring that developers could make their programs, being aware of what operating systems they would be used on. The company is also publicizing the new operating system as `Windows as a service’ –not as one single piece of software but a continually updated platform.

Microsoft is striving to do everything it is capable of in ensuring that Windows 10 retains its core market of enterprise users. The company, as part of this, declared Microsoft Update for Business at its Ignite conference in early May and one of the main shake-ups which Windows 10 is planning to introduce to the standard Windows formula is the gradual system, incremental updates brought on by the shift to Platform-as-a-Service.

Microsoft Update for Business

Continuous series of rolling upgrades however could be stressful for IT departments and in order to overcome this issue, Microsoft Update for Business seems to be an appropriate solution enabling IT managers to perfect which devices as well as the systems in a company receive Windows updates at which time.

It permits the specification of maintenance windows that could be used to designate when/when not to apply updates ensuring that the systems will not be unavailable at critical times. Besides this, the machines can be anonymously kept up to date. The forthcoming OS of Microsoft will enable users to apply for software updates and app downloads by using a network of other Windows 10 users basically peer-to-peer updates.

Microsoft has stated that `once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it up to date for the supported lifetime of the device, keeping it more secure and introducing new features and functionality over time – for no additional charge’.

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