Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Elon Musk Unveils Tesla's World-Changing Powerwall

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors on announced on Thursday the plans of the company to develop both the residential as well as business battery systems which include the business-oriented Powerpack and the Powerwall Home Battery. Musk added that these power systems are being developed in coordination with the solar panels with the goal of storing energy to be used some other time. These systems are capable of drawing power from the grid whenever there is a decrease in the demand of electricity and they will discharge the same during higher demands and at much expensive rate per units. He also added that these systems will help in reducing the amount of dependence we show on the fossil fuels and also benefit the people who are out of the power grid.

The Power-wall: 

The Powerwall is expected to available in the form of 10kWh system that has been optimized to provide backup applications and also as 7kWh solution for daily use. Once both these are connected to the grid or the solar panel, they are ready to give backup power. When these are paired with the solar power options even the 7kWh Powerwall can be easily used for extending the cost and environmental benefits of solar into multiple hours of usage. These can be mounted home garage wall and being lithium-ion battery packs they can provide backup even during fluctuation in the grid. The Powerwall is expected to available sometime later this year and has been priced at US$3,500.

Brilliant idea: 

The benefits of batteries are unlimited as they help in load shifting during low rate periods, they can even store abundance of solar power and even provide sufficient backup during outages. Powerwall is the combination of all these benefits making them the USPs for the battery system. With the increase in the prices of utility these batteries will provide lots of relief. Customer can go back to using the grid during the off peak periods.

Benefits Vs Costs: 

Pricing plays a very significant role here and both the residential as well as business industry might get a light jolt with the current pricing of the battery. Even though the current pricing of these power systems is comparatively very low to what anyone would have expected. Powerwall has the potential to change the entire energy policy around the globe.

Challenges that can be expected in the future:

Despite the number of benefits that can be availed through the system, it might have to cross some hurdle in the future. The biggest one is expecting discernible impact by up scaling of the manufacturing industry. So numerous building and companies in America it might take years for the systems to be installed everywhere. It might be quite difficult for consumers to learn everything about using the system. The company need to work on reducing the cost per unit and make it more reasonable. Company might face further difficulty in collection and analysis of the consumer usage data.

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