Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Facebook Introduces Anonymous Login For Apps to Let You Hide Personal Info

Towards an attempt to help safeguard the privacy of the user when they are sharing data with any third-party apps, Facebook has launched an Anonymous Login feature which will allow the users to login to apps without the need of sharing any of their personal information. Through this new way of login into any apps will increase the amount of control a user has over their personal info and they will be able to choose which of their personal information these third party apps should be receiving.

Apart from this the company also announced a newer version of the Facebook Login which will allow the users to choose the type of information they want as specific app to receive or check. For this they just need to check or uncheck specific categories one by one.

Through this new version, the user will have more control over what they want to be published on the Facebook post. The F8 developer conference saw a lot of different types of improvements which included redefining of the App Control Panel. According to the official blog of the company this App control panel is the center of focus for the users as it will help them to learn to manage all the apps they use.

Anonymous feature: 

Through the anonymous login feature the company is attempting to work towards the concerns raised by their users pertaining to sharing of personal information. There are users who are looking forward to try apps that are available but hesitant due to security reasons.

Even though the users have been able to enjoy free apps on the Facebook, there are growing instances from the perspective of the users highlighting the problem of granting permission to third part app to all the personal data. These third parts apps require the user information to allow them to create an account.

Anonymously logging into the app will give the users to control the apps in terms accessing it and at the same time not to worry about sharing any of their personal information with the app. Users will have the option of sharing specific or any additional information based on their preference during any stage of the app usage.

This feature is currently under test with some developers and the Company is planning to extend the testing for some more months by involving more number of developers. On the other hand the company is expected to roll out the new version of the login in the next couple of months but the updated control panel for the apps will be available for the users in the following weeks.

Facebook has over 1.55 billion of users around the world and it is apparent that the company has to take actions to control the growing concern of the people towards sharing of personal information. Considering the step taken by the company it will receive a warm welcome from growing number of users of Facebook. Safety has always taken utmost importance for the users.

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