Monday 18 May 2015

Atmosphere With Google: Think Creatively and Innovate Boldly

Atmosphere With Google – An Event Platform

Google has recently planned an event platform called `Google Atmosphere’, at the Googleplex for around 300 technology professionals largely for CIOs and CTOs of leading organizations to discuss how the technology will evolve in the near future and how to mainstream it. It is considered to be an economic forum for the leading decision makers of the world. Atmosphere is about how Google Enterprise could be a game changer for enterprises.

 It is said to be a conference wherein Google would be displaying its top innovations and provide glimpses of what would be in store for the future. Some of the highlights in the past few years were Driverless cars, Cloud, Google Glass, Maps. Google Atmosphere was first held in 2008 in London and what began as a conference with 250 CIOs has now turned into a global event which is held annually at numerous cities. This grand event, this year will be organized in London, Paris, Munich, Sydney and several other places are tend to be the hub of technology. Google would be having bright minds to speak at this event and has also invited some of the most innovative brains to express their thoughts.

First Time in India – 19th September

Some of the geniuses like Nicholas Carr, Marc Benioff (SalesForce), Werner Vogels (Amazon), Amit Singh; Nikesh Arora had conferred the event in the past. Google Atmosphere, for the very first time is coming to India and the grant event would be held in Delhi on 19th September at ITC Maurya. Those intending to have glimpses of the future and be part of the event could register at – Seats would be limited and hence registering early with MediaAgility - Premier Google Enterprise partner could be done, to avoid disappointment.

 It would be a great privilege in getting to hear from Google executives, experts as well as customers and get to envisage the latest innovations transforming business.For business operations, HR executives, marketing and sales, one could learn about Google’s vision in enabling employees to work out the way they live and get things done in a quicker and innovative way. In case of finance and IT, they could get deep into the financial as well as operational benefits of Google Apps, the leading communication and collaboration solution in the cloud.

Foundation of Cloud Computing Boils down Application/Platform/Devices

On stage, Google Enterprise President, Dave Girouard, had called cloud computing a `fundamentally disruptive’ technology, stating that it brought about a bit of emotion from anyone talking about it. At one end of the range there are some who tend to consider cloud as a computing nirvana while on the other end there are those who do not trust it.

It would be a day which would be filled with plenty of discussions together with debate on the cloud and some even making light issues at the close mindedness of some technology leaders who try to down play the cloud, which could be some of the executives from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Girouard has offered smart presentation which would break down old school business IT where everything is behind the firewall. He has commented that the foundation of cloud computing boils down to application, platforms and devices. He has pointed that a couple of key app have long broken out of the wall like mail (Gmail etc.) and CRM (sales force).

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