Saturday 30 May 2015

Use Technology as a Tool to Make your Property Investment Worthy

IF you have disposable income that you want to invest in the long term, then the best option today is to invest in property. Over the years, the Indian property business has grown at a steady pace and despite the slowdown in the past few years, it has exhibited immense potential for growth. Today if you are looking forward to invest anywhere long term, the property business is the arena to go far. Even though the business is no longer as lucrative as it had been earlier, it certainly has a charm that can no longer be denied. However the main question of finding the right property and actually purchasing it remains. Purchasing a house may seem like a cake walk but involves a lot of work in the long run. Over the years the real estate business has streamline d a little but enough is left to be ascertained. Therefore it becomes essential that one engages the services of property agents as while when deciding to embark on a home purchase.

How to search for houses and real estate agents? 

Assume you are looking for real estate agents in Mumbai. One way to go about finding houses is via the services of the real estate agents. To find the agents however you may need to visit the locality where your interest in house investment lies. But there is an easier way as well. One can log into the property portal and scroll down to the option where one can find real estate agents. You have the option to either select Mumbai or even a locality in Mumbai. In case you select Mumbai, you would see the map of Mumbai with a large number of markers on it. When the locality is searched, the map of the locality will be revealed with the markers on it. Each of these markers represents a property agent. However what would a user do if the user wanted to learn about the houses that these agents are offering as well. Would he/she have to personally visit the agent and then go and check the houses out or is there another way. has always been working towards the benefits of the consumers and therefore the portal has created a system where one can also find out the properties that these real estate agents are offering. When one clicks on the marker, some of the basic details of the property agents are revealed. Alongside, all the houses that they are in charge of are also listed here.’s reliable property exploration features are available here as well and one can view all the houses, choose the one to shortlist and eventually meet the agent to decide on finalizing it.

How does offer reliable agents? has been working towards creating a sense of transparency in the search of houses online. It has invested considerably in operations and all the sites listed on the portal are verified. The agents of the portal visit each of them to verify their details. Similarly, these agents also visit the offices of real estate brokers in Mumbai to verify their credentials and learn about all the details possible about them.

In Conclusion has always worked towards the benefit of consumers and hence has offered this feature.

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