Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Windows 10 For Phones May Launch On A High-End Smartphone

In case you are amid follower of the news that is being published about Microsoft in the last couple of months, you have started wondering about their plans for the high end segment. Rumours suggest that the company is planning to debut a high end phone with Windows 10.

The company at present is awaiting the official announcement of the Windows 10 before they can unveil its high end windows based phones. This information has been revealed by Ravi Kunwar, who is the Director - North, Nokia India Sales.

He had participated in a chat along with the company during the launch of Lumia 430. He added that their Company has been focusing on their budget segment, as they still have to work on the premium budget as well. Once the budget has been done, they will start working on the unveiling of the devices later in this year alongside Windows 10 launch.

From the perspective of the company, this move is appropriate, as it will allow them to continue and improvise on the computing power of all the features of the Windows 10 specially the Continuum aspect. This is the main reason why the highly rumored the high end Lumia 940 might debut later this year and somewhat the same time as that of Windows 10. What is the most important thing to remember is that the Windows 10 Continuum feature is similar to that of 'Continuity' feature of Apple and other similar features by Google as well.

What remains a surprise is that a company like Microsoft has been shying away from the 4G connectivity from a long time. The company has never tried to impose the 4G element in any of their devices apart from the Lumia 638. Compared to this the competitors of the company like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Motorola apart from others have already started incorporating 4G connectivity as critical part of many of their devices.

Kunwar has also confirmed that Microsoft is already 4G ready at the back end. This indicates that whether they are using the 4G or not, the current phones from the company are already capable of 4G connectivity since Microsoft has the capability of adding the 4G functionality by means of a software update. He further added that 3G is currently the most widespread method of internet connectivity in India. This is the main reason why even Microsoft is focusing on this area.

In the past, Microsoft has already unveiled many more devices like Lumia 540, Lumia 530, Lumia 430, 435, 532, 640XL and 640 among others. All these devices have been marketed in India despite the fact that they are operating only using the 3G connectivity.

They have never tried to market or sell any of their devices based on 4G element. From what it looks like all or atleast most of their devices are easily capable of working on 4G connectivity and the company is already working on enabling these features in India owing to increasing 4G connectivity.

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